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    Are we wasting a lot of our time in political discussions?

    Today people are very much aware of the political environment around them. Everyone appears to have a great knowledge of our political system and the political happenings going on today in our country.

    Anyway coming to the issue I feel that today many or rather say most of us are engaged in political discussions in our drawing rooms or work places or even in picnic places and wasting a lot of time in supporting, defending or disagreeing to various political issues and news items.

    Is so much involvement is required? Are we overdoing it? What is the opinion of members?
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    I think it is not overdoing. It is required. The awareness among the people about this subject should increase. When we are doing a routine work if everything is going on as planned and there are no problems. there will not be much discussion about that. But if there is any trouble in a particular system, we will have a lot of discussion about that matter and finally, all concerned has to see that the system again comes to back to its position. Many people are discussing political issues indicate that there are many loopholes in the system. The discussion is not fruitful here. The public is not fully aware of the value of their votes even. They are getting sold for small benefits and they are not able to question the person concerned when there is a problem in the system. This is mainly because of all gains they get personally from the leaders. So a common man facing many problems. The politicians are making merry of their life. Because of this only many unwanted happening on the political front and many discussions in that field.
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    The happenings in our country dictate our lives. We are governed by the political parties elected by the people. We cannot leave everything to them and sit happily minding our own business. The Government and its implementation of the policies need to be watched all the time as the political parties are the chief source of corruption in our country. The time spent on having awareness of political atmosphere is time well spent.
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    If common people don't express their opinion in social media, then the short-sighted, vote-hungry politicians and agneda-driven journalists would go on misrepresentating facts. This misrepresentation and selective silence may cause immense harm to the integrity of the nation. so, people must express their opinion at least in soical media, because mainstream media don't bother to listen the voice of common people.
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    Previously it was happening but due to a busy schedule in the job we are not able to discuss much politics but yes sometimes We comment on social media sites like Facebook if anyone discussing it an interesting topic there then sure I involve in the discussion.

    People, where are involved in the discussion, have much empty time so they are investing time pass nothing else. Uttar Pradesh is number one on political discussion.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
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    Many of us vote, some don't but we all are keen to know what our political leaders are doing because knowingly or unknowingly we have put them on the chair. We need to be aware of what people think, we need to discuss the pros and cons of the major decisions and changes taking place around us.For instance, even in ISC, many threads discuss politics (bullet train, positives of Mr.Modi, Tipu Jayanthi etc), we are not overdoing it, at least we are aware of the current issues and the key points for and against the issue. Sometimes people may overdo it because they have time to spare or not keen on working. Political discussions are very easy to start ( during a train journey, coffee time or just standing in a long queue to pay our bills) and people jump into the discussion.

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    #616279: ''People, where are involved in the discussion, have much empty time so they are investing time pass nothing else. Uttar Pradesh is number one on political discussion.''

    Precisely due to this attitude dishonest politicians and their pet journalists did whatever they liked. They twisted information according to their convenience.

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    Luckily, I am not interested in politics and I hate political discussions. However, I agree with the author. Many people these days, especially men get into political discussions when they meet each other, through WhatsApp group, social networking sites etc. Recently the people in our neighborhood formed a WhatsApp group, and the first and only condition was not to discuss politics and religion there.

    In social networking sites, we can see people fighting in the name of politics. Everything is needed but we should not cross the limits.

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    I do not see any wrong in discussing political situation and about the political leaders. After all we are all most respected voters in their mind and we have been targeted every five years to get our votes. When they are concerned about us, why not we gauge them and discuss about them. Awareness would be created while discussing with knowledgeable people on politics and not the stuff being going on rounds in the social media. Mudslinging of political leaders need not be discussed, but how they perform, or how they issue rejoinders to the opposite parties and how they speak during election meetings can be discussed and commented.
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    Political discussions is the sign of a society that has its eyes and ears open and must be welcomed, but care should be taken to differentiate between politics and political. Politics and political are related terms but a discussion where both are interconnected may not fall within the ambit of a productive or useful discussion. So, while involving ourselves in political discussions we must take care to filter politics from the same.

    Political discussions were always a part of our life. In the earlier days, wayside tea-shops, barber shops, libraries and small time clubs were spaces where the common man used to have political discussions which often carried the stamp of politics intertwined in between.

    Political discussions will become a more frequent and serious affair when the politics of a nation is not stable. I don't find anything wrong with that. People might discuss political issues with politics in mind but as long as the debate is healthy and positive, I feel each one of those who are involved takes something with him to think over. Such discussions can help in bringing clarity to thoughts which, due to different reasons, one might not agree in public, but would certainly make him think. And to make one think from a different angle can be taken as a gain from such discussions.

    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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