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    Greet and meet your fellow ISCians!

    Eager to meet your fellow members? Well, you do meet them here & there while moving around - they are everywhere! Have a look -

    Names of ISC members on signage

    Open the above image in a new tab for better clarity. The names of Dhruv and Mohan were not very clear & hence I put the names in a text box over the existing image taken. Similarly, in the central star I have put in blue text that which I could not locate on signage.

    This is the updated collage on which I have been working, having displayed the first attempt last year with only a few names and in the second edition some more. While I captured some of the signage, many images have been contributed by members themselves. Gratitude & appreciation for all those contributions! I have also taken permission from the majority of the members to have their names displayed, but if you do not wish to have your name included, please let me know & I will remove it.

    You are welcome to contribute, too. Simply submit attachments to your responses below in this thread or, if capturing names at a later stage, send it to me directly to my gmail which is iscmecontests. The name on the shop sign board/building/theatre/mall, etc can be partial (e.g. Mohan, if not K Mohan), but should be the same as the user ID to be seen for a member's posts. The name should preferably be in English, but a name in Hindi will also do since most members know these two languages. However, avoid other regional languages please.

    Go at (greet) the signage you see displaying an ISCian's name & capture it on camera, sharing it here pronto! The next edition will then be updated and displayed in the first month of the new year.
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    The effort of the Managing Editor Vandana is really praise worthy as she has been working on the sign boards image and collecting the same all these days and now came with so many names of our members. My best wishes to her.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Such an amazing collage Ms. Vandana. Loved it. I can find my name also in the black and white color. Thanks a lot once again.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    Great! Vandana. Indeed, you have taken pain to raise this thread with the images we posted. I could see my name and feel happy to see it shining like the sun.

    @ While you could get 10(Rs.10) for your efforts, what about the points and CC to the members who spared their time to click the names and forwarded to you? Is there anything for the contributors to your collage?

    No life without Sun

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    Great. An excellent work. Your efforts can be understood as the outcome. I am unfortunate I am not able to see my name in the collage. Anyhow very good work which attracts many appreciations from all the members. A very nice presentation.
    always confident

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    Appreciate the efforts. Certain names may not be appearing in publicity boards exactly same as the members profile name. For example my name will not be seen on the signboards as exactly corresponding , but mostly without the 'n' at the end. There are certain other names which will be seen very commonly also.

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    Nice collage with so many names, a good endeavor to collect these signboards and then display them. It's a kind gesture to the fellow members who would be proud to see the establishments that are dear to them appear on this image that would be seen by many others. Well done.

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    Mr Sun, the time and effort by members who clicked the photos would be duly rewarded. Let us see if we can find more ISCians as we move around.
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