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    I could not understand the logic behind allocating zero points to my Ask Experts questions

    The following Ask Experts questions were approved but allotted zero points to both the questions. I could not understand the logic behind it. Editors, could you please look at it.
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    You can post questions anonymously and the editors can view your identity. However, there will be no points or cash credits for posting questions. In the above two cases, your questions were approved under anonymous category.


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    Mr. Jagadish, I did not get you clearly. I know that there won't be any cash credits for Ask Experts questions. But if we post questions under anonymous category, won't there be points allocated? Till now I was posting under anonymous category and I used get points. Is it a changed rule, which I am not aware of?

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    Yes Bhuvan, you got the point. It is not a changed rule but not followed strictly by us. Previous cases won't be reviewed but there won't be any points and c.c for the AE questions and responses posted under Anonymous category henceforth.

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    Thanks Mr. Jagadish for clarifying the rule. I hope it will be helpful to others, who are not aware of it.

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    ....hence forth. Mr.Jagdish Patro, in getting 2-4 cc or points allocated or not getting allocated doesn't mean much. BUT it is important to take into consideration that the member has spent some time on it. We get 1-2 points for mentioning a congratulatory message. So I feel it's unfair not to allot any cc or points without informing the responders by a simple email that Mr.X you cannot post as anonymous henceforth.Members would certainly change ourselves. Just my thoughts.
    Mr.Bhuvan, Thanks a lot for posting this. I had replied to a thread asking the experts and got a zero.

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    I would like to humbly submit the following:-

    Getting 0 points for anonymously asked question or replying anonymously is justified, because if points or cash is allocated to anonymous question/answer, it would create difficulty at the time of counting the points or cash. Then, if the Member answered/asked the question anonymously because of any personal reason, he/she would not be able to hide his/her identity.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    It is good that it is clear now that the questions and answers under anonymous postings. The members should note this point and they should post anonymously categories If they are not expecting any points or CC. The rule is not clear to anybody before this thread. But now with this thread, the rule has become very clear and further there will not be any chance to complain about these issues. Thanks to Jagadish for making the point clear. Generally what I observed is Mr.Jagdiah is very fast in responding to the post wherever and whenever it is required. That is good for the members.
    always confident

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