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    The heat from pressure cooker would be severe when tried to open the lid without steam removed

    Cooking rice or for that matter any item on pressure cooker is the great challenge and art. Not every one is acquainted with the functioning of pressure cooker. Normally the rice would get cooked within 20 minutes after three whistles. And one should not attempt to remove the lid without letting the remaining hot steam inside. Sometimes the house hold who are felling short of time to prepare food for the children forcibly open the lid and thus get severe heat burns on the hands. Though the first day would be problematic and from second day the heated portion would bulge out or expands.
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    These days there is nothing great or big in using the pressure cooker. How you are thinking it an art I am not able to understand. Any housewife even a lower-middle-class family or poor family will also explain to us how to use a pressure cooker. It is not a new item or no big technology is involved in it. The people should be safe during the usage of cookers. Once the safety valve starts making the sound, it will be understood that the cooker is pressurised and heating can be stopped or reduced. Once the pressure inside comes down, the sound from safety valve will be less. Then the safety valve can be opened easily. This process is very well known these days.
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    Pressure cookers are quite popular and almost an essential item in not jut urban but village homes also. Due to its popular use and by practice, people are well versed in its use.

    When they are in hurry, to cool the pressure cooker they place it under the tap water till the steam condenses and pressure comes down. There are other tips like keeping a dripping wet cloth on the lid and sponging out the heat.

    As we had learned in the science classes. steam burn is worse because of the greater latent heat. It is quite common to see the burn scars as most would have got from accidentally touching a heated pressure cooker.

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    Pressure cookers have very much been part of our kitchen, my mother is one of the many who cannot do without two pressure cookers (one small, one large size). Once we get the hang of the amount of water and the number of whistles to be allowed, then it's easy. It is potentially dangerous to open the cooker before the pressure or heat being removed. The lid is often lifted off with force if one hurriedly tries to remove the lid without letting off the steam.

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    First of all, it is hard to open the lid when there is pressure in the cooker. What I normally do is, I place the cooker in the kitchen sink and open the tap, so that water flows over the cooker and makes it cool. Then I try lifting the whistle to see whether the full pressure has gone, only then I will open the lid. Once, I did all these and open the lid, I used a spoon to stir and check whether the rice was cooked, suddenly hot water, fall on to my hand because the water was still boiling. We should be very careful while handling pressure cooker as it is extremely dangerous and at the same time helpful too.

    One of my friends, once grinded something hot in the mixer grinder. When she opened it, it fell on her face, due to the pressure and she got boils all over.

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    I know pressure cookers are used with much versatile by the house holds but how to cope up in emergency when the lid has to be opened and how our members are doing that part was my asking here. Good response so far.
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    Mr Mohan, it is presumed that you raised this thread based on some personal experience or from the experience of someone known to you. Could you elaborate the instance so that the readers can be enlightened as to how a pressure cooker can be opened without releasing the pressure by some means. I am sure that it can't just be opened like the lid of any other utensil.
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    Yes one of my relative got hurt and severely affected with burn injuries and the boils has appeared on her fingers and hence I raised for the caution of lesser known people. While opening the lid should be kept horizontally and not upside down.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Mohan sir, sorry for your relative. the lid will be horizontal when in the closed position, we have to unscrew the closed lid in anticlockwise position, only after we remove, we can keep the lid upside down.

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