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    Less work more pay, Less tension less pay, No work and average pay, More work and more pay ?

    Getting a right job is not possible for many and they have to compromise some where or the other to keep the life going. In that process some accepts less work and more pay job which is rare and only the lucky ones would get the chance. Some are destined with less tension job and lesser pay. In some companies the job sometimes has no work at all and they are being paid average. And many a time we round upon and accept such companies which give more pay but by taking more work from us. What kind of job do you prefer or doing.?
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    In private sector companies and Organisation generally will recruit people as per the work requirements. Their salaries will be in proportion to the work turn out.But in some companies particularly the medium size companies of the first generation entrepreneurs will be employing fewer people and expect more turn over from them. In such jobs, the pressure will be high and salaries will not be on par with MNCs and big companies. In these companies, the job guarantee also will not be there. These days for the people there is no choice of job. Whatever job they are getting they have to accept. The middle-level employees are getting overburdened. Any person will always wish for a less tedious job with high reward. This is the human tendency. So we need not separately ask any person about his choice. If it is a government job nothing like it. If it is MNC it is welcome. Otherwise, any job is ok.
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    It is very difficult to make an analysis of how a person is paid. Of course qualifications ,degrees,experience are also taken into account. A labour works hard all day, but is paid very less, whereas a white-collared job is more paying. Also there is a gender discrimination in terms of salaries in some companies.
    There is only one thing I would like to say and that is the employer wants to get the maximum work done from his employer.They are the lucky ones who get more pay and have to work less.

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    I think we are being rightly paid for whatever jobs we do. The amount of work being performed in a job and the exact quality of time spent is somewhat that depends upon the type of work that we do. We are being paid exactly on the basis of what we are doing. Everybody performs a different set of jobs. A teacher or a doctor both are serving the country and doing a job, but with a different set of objectives and different qualities. Both will have different scales of pay, depending upon their potential and the requirements of the institution or the hospital. I don't think it will be easy to measure the amount of work people do on the basis of their pay scales.
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    There are many job types with different pay scales.There would jobs that pay less, fair or ridiculously high salaries for the amount of work. It all depends on being at the right place and the right time with luck or finding ourselves at the wrong place and the wrong time due to ill luck or fate. I know of people who hardly work, take credit for others work, be cozy with the boss and lead a happy life taking home a good pay packet. Equally so, there would be people who work hard for a meager pay but have to do it for lack of other choices. I think the remuneration should be fair in accordance with the kind of work, the risks involved and the skill set.I also think we should slowly move towards part pay by results, wherein one is assured a basic salary but further pay would be based on the commitment to work hard within the framework of work ethics.

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    I think in normal cases the more your tensions and responsibilities, the more will be your pay. But people who struggle the most will be paid less. Like a labor in a construction site, who has to be out in the sun. He will be paid very less but the supervisor will be paid more. The reason being the responsibility of the supervisor is more. Also, one's ability and qualifications also will fetch them a better pay.
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    The general principle is no pain, no gain. As in financial investments, the more the risk, the more the return.

    Exceptions can be there. But that is not rule, only exception.

    Each profession or job has its own risk and opportunities. The carpenter may get hurt with his chisel. The writer may spoil his shirt with ink spill.the banker may face bad loans,the housewife may get her hands burned with hot boiling water or from the flame of the stove. So every work and job have their own unique risks.
    From outside it may appear to those not involved as smooth and attractive. That may invite envy also.

    As the proverb,'the grass on the other bank is always green'. One should wear the shoes to know where it pinches.
    There is always a gap between the cup and lip. Not every one will get what he/she wanted . It will be a compromise and one has to satisfy oneself by convincing that depending on one's priorities and necessities one has to accept it till a better one comes by.

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