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    Is it not easy to practice and make perfect in Chemistry and Physics from class 7th itself ?

    If you ask any student, their first problematic subject is maths and then two subjects called chemistry and Physics. Invariably students score lesser marks in those subjects. As the class increase the pressure to learn physics and chemistry also rises. Due to neglect of basics in higher classes, the students face uphill task to clear these two subjects in Intermediate. What I suggest that it has become imperative and compulsory for every student to have master over maths, physics and chemistry and that must begin earnestly from seventh class itself. Any comment ?
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    Physics, Chemistry, and Biology start right from 6th STD, sometimes we had same teachers to teach all three and at times different teachers for each. In fact, we used to have a separate exam for each subject till our pre-board but in 10th Board, it was cumulative exam as Science. It was only in 11th we officially had Physics, Chemistry and Biology as separate exam officially as well, but since 6th STD we were already exposed to these, but still, students faced problems, for some it was Greek.

    So it depends on the student how he/she likes and subject and want to put effort into it. If every student will master over maths, physics, and chemistry we will have lesser non-science students.

    Its alright if they are not able to understand these subjects, there is a world apart from these as well.

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    I agree with the author.

    Some students have high interest in specific subjects like math. On the contrary, 70% of the students score less grades in those subjects.

    To be honest, I never scored more than 35 Marks in math from 4th standard to 10th. Gradually, after finding my interest in technology and programming, I felt the need of reasoning mathematics in programming.

    Last but not least, again I agree with the author that it is significantly more for students to focus in those subjects.

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    The science subject teaching will start from even primary classes. But from 6th class physical sciences and natural sciences will be taught separately. Mathematics will also start from primary school. But the problem is in these primary classes and high more thrust will not be given to these subjects. All fundamentals that are taught in these classes will again just touched in intermediate also. So the student has to take interest in studying and understanding the subject. But the student will always try somehow mug up and answer the questions. For him, there is no difference between a language subject and a group subject. Here the role of the teacher plays an important role. They should explain the subject to the student and the logic in the subject should be highlighted. Then the student can understand it better and can appreciate the subject. Actually, in our education system, the main problem comes here only. A teacher who teaches to high school students should me more knowledgeable about the subject.
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