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    Are assignments and projects for students or for the parents?

    Isn't the assignments which are given to students more than what they can understand and do? They have to seek the help of elders or tuition teachers to do it. A Ist Std student is asked to write an essay, a KG student is asked to make a Christmas Tree from cardboard, a 4th Std student is asked to explain the plays etc.

    Shouldn't activities and assignments be given as per the ability of the child so that they can learn in the attempt of doing so?

    I remember my school activities wherein we were asked to collect feathers, plant seeds, make your own first aid box etc. All these we did on our own and we enjoyed doing it, but these days I have seen and observed that kids are given assignment beyond their capability. In this process, they take the help of parents and are bound to lie when they go to school. Indirectly, we are teaching them to lie in the process.

    What is your say in this? Do you remember your summer and winter assignments at the school? Did you do it on your own or your parents did it for you?
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    These days the education system is in such a way that the calibre of the student is never taken into consideration. A 7th class students who go to school at 8 AM will be back in the evening at 6 PM in the evening. Then he will be given the hell lot of homework which he has to finish before they go to school the next day. The teacher or the management of school will never think about the time the students will have after going back to the house and how he will cope up with the work. As he got tires completely, he will simply sleep without doing anything. Then the parents have to see that and made him wake up early in the morning and sit with him and make him complete the work. Actually, the majority of the work will be carried out by the parents only. In addition to this work, these projects which are very advanced in nature will be allotted to the student. It is not possible for the students to do that work. So parents have to do that. It is not the case earlier days. We were doing things on our own and we used to have some free time to do homework and read. The system should be seen and corrected so that it will become more student friendly.
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    A child brings a huge project to school and he feels very happy about it,students gather round him to have a glimpse of the so called activity that was assigned to him. He feels very proud .
    Does anyone think that the project made by the child was the creation of a professional model maker. The teacher too proudly show cases it in her classroom.
    The children are not getting opportunities to do something creative, of their own. They do not have time because the whole day they have spent in school, and the rest in Tutions.
    So there is no Choice left with the parents than to go to a model maker and order a project on the given topic.
    In my school times, it was not so easy. I cut cardboard, stuck them, used shoe boxes. Also searched pictures stuck them and our model was ready. We also used empty cans and things that were available at home.
    Today it is a Show -biz situation. Parents are ready to spend on projects, so projects are for parents.Excuse me.. There are exceptions.

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    I remember, I always used to do the homework by myself. As you told, similarly, we used to make some nice charts on either pollution or some good topics which we knew as a student. We also used to make some models as a representation of a process and one I remember the craft work, we were being told to collect different types of leaves and flowers and paste it in the Scrapbook. I even collected some samples of different types of soil, put that in a packet and pasted it. All the homework that we used to get, we always did by yourself. The teachings of our time were very good I feel. Today, the burden of homework and especially projects is more on parents rather than the children.
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    I cannot forget one of the assignments(it was voluntary) I undertook when I was in the high school class. It literally left a "scar" on me! That was not a vacation assignment but during the regular school days.

    I was member of the school science club. I volunteered to exhibit a pupa of a large size butterfly and allow the same till the butterfly comes out.
    My home was very near to the school and we had a lot of butterflies and their pupa hanging from the many flowering trees in our home.

    So one day during recess, I came home wit two friends taking permission to take a butterfly pupa for exhibit. I climbed the small tree and took hold of the pupa,and was climbing down. While getting down, I did not see a sharp wood piece projecting and my upper leg got pierced by that. I had a numbing pan and lost a piece of my flesh and blood was pouring out and there was a gap exposing my bone. The wound was open and about four inches. My friends held me and we somehow reached school and I was taken to the nearest hospital where I had a few stitches. It took longtime to fully heal and the tissue to build back fully.

    That left a long and thick star on my leg. But I was quite happy when I knew that the students could watch the pupa everyday and at last they saw a full grown large multicoloured butterfly. Whenever I look at the scar I recall that incident , and wonder how I managed the pain and the trauma then, without any anaesthesia given.

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    These days homework and assignments are for parents only. The assignments are too tough that the small kids won't even understand it. So at the end, the parents will only have to do it. Otherwise, also the parent needs to understand it first and then explain it to the kid. Either way, parents are loaded. The funny part is we still send our kids to these schools itself. But as the kids grow, they will be in a position to do the homework and assignments by themselves. Even the weight of the school bag and the portions are too much for the little ones these days.
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    My wife and myself can say yes with our eyes closed and without even thinking. I sometimes fail to understand the reasons for the projects and assignments for the kids. They very well know that the child cannot do it (a decorative paper bag, fashioning a chart with moral stories or explain circulation with models).Many schools, have a certain number of projects that have to be done.It's a nightmare trying to find the right things that the child likes,find time to do it in the way he or she likes or exactly as their teachers want.Then often the parents have to have an argument as to why we chose this school, why this color combination, who has to do more or less etc. After this, once the project is completed, it has to have the approval of the child who is worried that the teacher may find something wrong and lastly, a the big task of delivering this personally as often the child cannot carry it in the full school van without damaging it. We did have small projects but it was done mostly by us or along with friends.I don't remember for asking them to by many things.

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    #616338: Oouch! That must have been so painful much more than what we can imagine.

    As everyone has agreed that the assignments are mostly done by the parents, shouldn't the teachers watch out and understand the level of their students? Or is the management that gives them instruction what and what not to give as assignments to them?

    I am sure even they might be aware that it might be outsourced still they continue to give it to students, where is the learning here?

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    The assignments and the projects given in the school and colleges are though given to our children, they squarely believe and trust on us to initiate and finish the same. Invariably me and my wife were thoroughly involved in chart making, color making, painting, things making and above all during fancy dress competition the dress hiring , all done by us and our children are not being bothered. Even the teachers would know that the projects are done by the parents and the children would sign the same and get their name. I just cannot what logic is behind this and why the parents are bothered.
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