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    "All around us, the plants are communicating.We just don't notice that."

    These are the words of Dr Jagdeesh Chandra Bose. He is a physicist, a botanist and archaeologist. Dr Bose is an avid lover of plants. Dr J.C Bose invented"Crescograph" which is capable of recording minute movements of the plants and magnify it. With this crescograph, he proved that the plants have feelings and feel the pain. Next time when you pluck a flower or leaf of a plant, remember that it feels the pain as we do. The next time when you wash your hands over the plant to give it water, remember that it has feelings and feels as unhappy as humans when someone pours dirty water on them. Let us keep in mind that the plants have feelings and also feel the pain.
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    An excellent thread. Indeed Sir J.C. Bose proved with the crescograph (which he himself invented) that plants have feelings. But how many of us (lesser mortals) have the ability to feel the pain or happiness of plants?
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    Excellent thread, Many times people wash their hands or relieve themselves of plants, what an interesting fact, plants have feelings. Thanks for enlighting us about the 'crescograph'. Dr. JC Bose's work simply meant plants can feel pleasure and pain which is questions by some who believe a brain or a nervous system is integral to feel pain. He also proved that plants grew better when music was played. Many experts of positive life often advise keeping indoor plants or a potted bright colored flowering plant.

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    A beautiful thread. I agree, plants and trees have feelings too and it is purely based on technical grounds. There was a video I watched which said, trees also talk with each other while the air breeze flows from here and there, falling over their leaves. The oxygen that they give also circulate among there fellow trees and plants and that is how they communicate. This they called the language of trees. We should always be nice to the plants and flowers wherever we see them, should try not pluck them and feel the pain they bear when they are being plucked or broken from their plant.
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    Just go back to your childhood years. Don't you see yourselves talking to plants and trees? Don't you see yourself standing near a plant or tree as a teacher with a stick and 'teaching' them ? I can recall that. It was a time when we understood their language, the pain they feel when a branch was cut, the thirst they feel on summer days. How happy they felt when we sprinkled water on them at the end of a hot day? How they said 'thanks'? We had asked them to give a flower next day and presto! we saw a flower next day, though we had not seen a bud the previous day; because they heard us.

    When we started learning languages with script, we started forgetting the raw, real,emotional non-script language of plants. We stopped communicating with the plants and trees.

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    Not only plants but animals also has these feelings as we humans. The sad part is that we normally do not realize that. Deforestations, increasing number of endangered species, killing of stray dogs etc are few examples of our cruelty towards the other creatures of this world. But of course, we can't lead a life without plucking leaves, at least that of Tulsi plant. Also, many other plants are known for its medicinal values, not only the leaves but the roots also. We use these to cure our diseases. But we rarely take the interest of planting another one in its place.

    Pouring dirty water on the plant is not a bad thing. The plant needs water, as long as it does not have chemical content in it, I think it would be fine. We will not like having dirty water on ourselves but that can't be compared with a plant. The plant grows in the mud and we are not. We live in houses which has high-quality tiles or granites.

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    Wow appreciation to the findings of Dr Jagdeesh Chandra Bose, that plants also have the feelings and when ever we pluck leaves or the flowers, they do get hurt and convey the feelings to us but we wont notice. By the way God has created flowers for the purpose of adorning the same to the feet of God and on their statues and photos. In Tirumala , the TTD has its own flower gardens and daily tons of flowers are being grown and plucked for the service of the God Venkateshwara. If Dr Jagdeesh Chandra Bose notion is to be taken seriously, then offering flowers to the God must end and even marriages has to be conducted without presence of flowers.
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    Mohan sir, Dr.Bose is honored as the foremost Indian biophysicist of his times. His passion for botany was genuinely applauded by many. Scientific minds are always inquisitive about things around them. We have been offering flowers to God for ages and we should continue our religious offerings the way we have done so far.

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    Crescograph is actually a machine for measuring the growth of plants (courtesy: Wikipedia). Dr Bose did indeed feel and said that plants do have feelings and there have been different opinions on this issue. I don't think it is a fact that has been scientifically proved. Plants have been said to react to stimuli but the actual cause of such reactions does not appear to have been ascertained till date.

    But if at all it is proved beyond doubt someday that plants do have feelings and emotions, we would be having plant activists who would protest against cutting of plants or using their flowers or eating vegetables and imagine such a situation. May be that is one reason why there is no serious effort to establish whether plants actually have feelings.

    Anyway, what difference does it make in a world where we are least bothered about the pain and emotion of even fellow human beings?

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    Mr.Saji Ganesh. Crescograph was used by Dr,Bose to measure the response of plants to various stimuli, one the responses include growth, the other being tiny movements similar to shivering that we exhibit. Regarding your concerns about plant activists, there are some who practice Fruitarianism: People eat only fruits and nuts and seeds. In this group, there are some people who eat only fruits that are fallen from the trees and plants or fruits that can be harvested without killing or harming the plants.(wikipedia:Fruitarianism). Who knows, these people may change and start protesting!

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    Not intending to divert the thread but just to add a point to the above post #616433 by Natarajan,:
    My grandmother had told me that the real hermits living in the forests live by eating the fruits falling from the trees and plants and not plucking from them.

    Such things may not be practical now. I have read about some farms using mild music which enable the farm plants to flower fast and grow well than in the ordinary circumstances. As there is life, logically there would be reactions and responses from plants too.

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    Dr.Bose found that plants are also living things like human beings and animals. They will also have feelings. From that the lessons to be learnt don't cut trees. Don't spoil them and allow them to live till they die. But do we learn that?Are we practising that? The paper you use, the vegetable you eat, the rice you eat and even the leaves you use to keep your food is from trees only. How many of us are protecting them? Day in and DAy out we observe in many palaces we cut trees for constructing our houses. No problem if we are plucking s flower. But we need not bother about a branch of the tree when we try to pluck a flower from the tall tree by bending its branch. We drink milk and we will support the killing of animals for supplying food to us. If anybody says killing a cow is not good. people will say he is supporting a religion. Killing animals for food, Plucking leaves and flowers from the plant and cutting trees, these are not at all human in nature. But how many of us can stop these activities? As expressed by Saji Ganesh we even not bother about our fellow human being's pains, leave alone plants and animals.
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    Before 90 years approximately we all Cleaning our teeth with a mixture powder made of fired husk and salt. During that period a famous tooth paste company to market their tooth paste criticised our usage and advised us to use their tooth paste. We also blindly accept his criticism, felt foolish and start to use his product and still using. But to the surprise they awakened and ask us whether our (actually their) paste contains charcoal and salt. Here to realize our elders' usage as correct they took 90 years. Similar to this invention of our own J.C.Bose is to be translated to us by foreign scientists. We can see daily on our roadside that the (simple example) leaves of Mayflower tree shrinkened in the evenings as if we sleeps. What the author posts is cent percent correct.

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    I think plants have only good feelings, not bad feelings or painful feelings. All plants that give vegetables to us won't cry when we pluck. They feel happy that they have given something to the human beings. They don't mind taking dirty water. Because they grow in dirty waters too. God has created plants for the consumption of human and animal beings.
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