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    Ensure you hold the key while you lock your house with a pressing lock.

    Please ensure that you are holding the key of the lock in your hand before locking your home with a lock which gets locked with a simple press.

    Today, my neighbour girl, kept her key chain inside her house and locked her house with a lock of press and lock. Immediately she realised that the key of that lock was inside her home. Finally, she/we had to break open the lock. It was a solid lock and could not be opened easily with any other key. We took a hammer and broke the lock. The pad lock too got damaged during the breaking.

    Take it as a lesson to be careful when you use a press lock. Did you have any such experience of breaking the lock or breaking the door?
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    Many times and many places this happens. That is why we should be careful with these automatic locks. These days many houses are being provided with these automatic locks mainly manufactured by Godrej. Once this problem happened to our neighbours also. To avoid that problem what we have done is one lock we have kept with my sister who stays on the same street in the same city where I am staying. One lock of their house is with us. It will help in avoiding unnecessary complications. By doing this we never faced any problem for opening the door. Sometimes by the time I go back to my house in the evening my wife may be going out and I will not have a key with me.Then I will go to my sister's house have a cup of coffee.Meanwhile, my wife will come. Otherwise, I will use the key lying with my sister and give it back to her after my wife comes back. I think it is a good arrangement. But all will not have this convenience. So please be careful while you are closing the door and ensure the key is with you.
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    Yes it is an important matter to be followed by everyone not only in their house but also while going outside.
    I,once went to Chandigarh on office work and stayed in a big hotel. As I came down to send of a staff who came from my branch office by just closing the door. Later only I was informed that whenever we come out we should take the room keys with us as the door was fixed with an automatic press lock system. Then I waited till the manager's arrival with duplicate key for opening. After that I used to take the room keys with me whenever I come out.
    Moreover nowadays in hotels they put a system as we have to insert the keys only to get all lights and fans linked with that.

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    Yes this is an important alert from the author. When the house members are coming back home at different timings and also leaving for office at different timings, it is better to have separate keys for the same pressing lock , so that there cannot be any hassles to open. But I would be daily reminding my family members as to the where about of the key and how it is placed safe in their hand bags. For me the vehicle lock and the house lock wound be in same key chain so there cannot be miss placing of the same. It is really a trying time if we miss the keys and has to wait till other family members come back.
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    Yes, this generally happens. My wife is prone to this mistake. So, at the time of going out, I remain careful.
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    This is a common occurrence in apartments wherein all flats will have self-locking doors that go into locked position the moment the door is banged shut by a gust of wind or accidentally closing the door without the keys. This is not only limited to the main door but also the individual doors.
    Bathroom doors have a lock button inside that kids push without knowing how to open and close the door. We had to break the lock once, patch the door and fix the traditional bolt high on the door inside and outside.

    What most residents of apartments do is a key to every door (except the main) is kept in one place in the hall that is known to all family members. For the main door 1-2 duplicate keys are electronically made and kept with at least one more member or at parents house safely. If the door is locked like this and there's nothing urgent, we can wait till the spare key comes. It is very traumatic to listen to the cries of a scared 4-year-old or a child stuck in the toilet locked from inside.

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    Not just [pressing lock, but those who are using the night-latch system at their home or office can narrate a few incidents when they had to suffer as they forgot to take the keys with them, when they went out.

    There was the report of a very sad event in the media in Kerala some time ago. An young woman staying in a flat, with her small child, was standing outside the front door,bu the door suddenly closed behind her. She did not take the keys. The child was inside. It started crying The mother got panicked and wanted to get in to be with the lonely and scared infant somehow. Though the society watchman pacified her and went down to bring some remedial measure, she was becoming more panicky and impatient. Meanwhile she seems to have tried to enter her balcony side by climbing on the parapet of the flat and extending to the balcony. She lost the balance and grip and fell down fatally injured. It makes me shudder to even recall about the report of the event.

    I can narrate a hilarious (but real) incident also in this regard.

    About forty years ago, one of my colleague who was not familiar with the night latch system had faced a situation when he went out without taking the keys. He panicked and called the neighbours for help. He was worried that his newly married wife, who is new to the place has got stuck inside. He was really panicky as to what will happen now. He was telling them to break open the door.
    Then telling him to keep quite, a middle aged woman pressed the door bell. The door opened and the wife came out wondering why all the hullaballa. In night latch person inside can open the lock, but from outside, it needs key.

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