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    Do you agree? If yes for which type you vote?

    When you are confident things move according to you. Things happen according to you and when you are hesitant to even things that were very easy for you seems like big mountains to reach.
    It is the power of confidence which makes an ordinary person extraordinary and leader, in the mob of thousands, he who has confidence shines uniquely.
    It is a remedy for many problems and social fears. Some are born with it while others have to go through many hardships to earn this. Do you agree?
    If you agree Which type of confidence you think is better the one you are born with it or the one you acquired after lots of mistakes and experience?
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    Sorry, Neelam. What you said is cent percent wrong. Confidence alone will not make us extraordinary or a leader. What is additionally required is - favour and luck. There should be someone to notice you, understand you and favour you. Luck is an important factor to be number one in a group. Your character and qualities also to be added to do the magic.
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    Confidence is a being in a positive frame of mind that yes, I can do it. But it takes a lot more to complete the job, to lead the masses. I don't think we can say that some are born confident. To succeed apart from the confidence we need opportunity, resources, determination, and luck help us along the way. The degree of confidence in an individual depends on the influence of the family and peers and their outlook on life. The things we learn from life's mistakes are often called experience, one becomes mature and wiser with failures in life, becoming confident? difficult to agree. To become a leader one needs knowledge, charisma and an authoritative commanding presence along with a good respect for human values.

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    Confidence is always acquired in ones life. One cannot have it at the time of birth. May be slowly this is acquired by some while some others pick up the habit a bit early. However, confidence is a good quality that one should have. Otherwise the life may be a failure.

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    Confidence is very much essential to achieve success in life. Every one of has might have shown confidence at least at some point in life. At times life makes us confident or else life teaches us to be confident. Having confidence is good but overconfidence is equally bad.
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    Confidence and positive thoughts are always good for achieving anything in our life. If you start a work, with full confidence and with a positive note that I will complete this, it is certain you will complete that work. But this is not the only quality that is required for success in life. But it is also one of the requirements for achieving the goal. When we start a work, for completing the work we may have to approach and take their help in their area of expertise. We should not hesitate to do that. If we hesitate we may be at a loss. Some of the actions during the course of work may be specialised works for which an expert support may be required. We may have to approach and the other person should also accept that. For this lot of luck, the capability of convincing others and they should encourage. These are also the factors which will dictate our victory. Generally, if I take up a work always I try to see that the work is finished positively.
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    Well apart from self confidence, there must be zeal to attempt and complete a task. If the initiation is not there, then confidence level also goes. For any work to be done, a beginning has to be made and that should not be just but with confidence and high work indigence. Once the zeal and confidence enter into our mind set, we are alert now and also have the tab on the competitors move and thus we are doubly sure of our success and even one step ahead than our nearest competitor. And those who are workaholics and without zeal and confidence in their approach cannot achieve anything.
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