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    Realizing your mistake will help you improve

    Mistakes happen to all of us knowingly or unknowingly. What we need to do is to realize it and not repeat it again.
    Human beings are not born without errors. Nobody learns from the tummy of their mothers. We all learn everything after our birth.
    Errors and faults happen by chance. We do not want to commit any mistake knowingly. But, it happens, sometimes we even are being punished for what is being done. We are left with nothing but regrets. What then? Still, we keep on trying, either it is a research or any testing or even if it is a lively experience.
    We humans are not error-free. Just remember, if something happens wrong, firstly understand it, find out the reasons how it went wrong or try to find out the mistakes and errors. Once rectified the mistakes, memorize it and understand it. Try not repeating that error.
    Ask someone if you cannot understand your mistake. But always ask, so that the particular mistake does not become a hurdle in your life's path.

    If you try and realize your mistake, it will help you grow and progress much better in life.
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    True, realizing our mistakes helps us to avoid it the next time. But that does not mean that we have to commit a mistake every time to improve or understand or learn from it. There is no human who has never committed a mistake. But knowing our mistakes helps us to correct it in future. The most important thing is admitting our mistakes which some people will never do.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    Pooja, a small correction, the infant starts its learning process in the mother's womb itself. They learn to differentiate sounds and infants are calm inside when they hear the mother's voice from outside. Mistakes do happen, at times repetitively and every mistake or a missed change to succeed is a valuable lesson taught by life. Accepting a mistake is the major step towards learning and going forward. Most of us try not to repeat a mistake,especially if we have analysed why it happened in the first place. When we commit mistakes and the implications of it are much more serious, then we need to look back as to what went wrong and why it went wrong. Like a student asking the teacher, we can ask our seniors, elders at home as to how to learn from our mistakes. There are some people who have a different attitude of not accepting their mistakes and hence not learning from them.

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    As there is a saying "to err is human" so we should not much bother about our mistakes and errors but should definitely try to introspect and improve them.
    Because if we don't realize lessons from our errors and mistakes we keep on failing in whatever we do. So in order to succeed in any area of life, we need to learn from our mistakes and forgive others mistakes and move on with the life.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    Again this is true. Everybody will do mistakes. Err is human. All human beings will do some mistakes. But we have to learn from our mistakes. Without knowing our mistake doing again and again the same mistake is foolish. So if we feel that we have done a mistake, we have to see the reasons for the mistake and study where we have gone wrong and correct that mistake and don't repeat the same mistake again. Then you are wise enough. But without understanding the reason and without rectifying the reasons for the mistake, trying to blame somebody also or making somebody else a scapegoat is not correct and it will not be appreciated by anyone. There are people who think they are always correct and try to blame others as the source of mistakes. We should be careful with such people and try to show their mistakes in presence of others so that he will learn his lessons.
    always confident

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