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    Have we increased the usage of plastics and do Bio-degradable plastics also exist ?

    Plastics, as we all know, is a non-biodegradable substance means it a type of component which cannot decompose. It is made up of carbon-carbon bonds, which even the micro-organisms cannot eat and degrade. That is why when it is burnt, it releases carbon dioxide and many other harmful chemicals into the air polluting it.

    We all know the disadvantages of it, but we still use it in our day to day life. There is a very famous product of plastic which we are all using in our homes and that is "Tupperware". It is one of the major plastic product which we use as our containers or tiffin boxes or the water bottles. It is always recommended to drink water in bottles made of stainless steel rather than plastics, but we all prefer plastic materials more when we buy it.
    Should not we try to lessen the usage of plastics as it is the major resource for pollution?

    I was reading an article by "LiveScience" and they explained why plastics cannot biodegrade. They said it is somehow possible to make biodegradable plastic, but then the material prepared from that will not be stable and cannot stay for long and we would not want to store our daily used stuff in a container which will degrade after some time. Because of the instability of such type of plastics, they do not manufacture 'Biodegradable plastic'.

    People also feel that plastic stays for long and that is why they prefer plastic materials.
    We should try and buy tiffin boxes made up of steel rather than plastic. We should try to remove plastic from our lives, I know it is hard but if we try once we can make it. We can use jute bags or even cloth bags for carrying any useful material.
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    Plastics are polymers. There are bio-degradable polymers too. Polyglycolic acid and a polycaprolactum are few examples.
    The thing is, these polymers aren't very chemically inert and are susceptible to decay at high temperature.
    So biodegradable plastics aren't used generally for packaging.
    But apart from India, I see that the consumption and production of polyethene as plastic package has highly reduced.
    World has moved on, India hasn't.

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    Plastics are frowned upon in many countries in the West. Most western countries use good quality paper bags and reusable cloth bags. I'm glad that some Indian grocery chains have followed the examples of western food giants wherein you can buy a reusable bag for a cheaper price and some stores would even replace it.We should try and move away from plastic as far as possible. The consumers also should contribute, more and more of us should take our own shopping bags to bring groceries etc. The plastic bags in areas that is difficult to replace as of now, we should follow recycling more vigorously. It would time and money to change over from plastic to other alternatives. Recently many small and medium retail shops have stopped giving plastic overs, they give only paper covers.
    If you think the other way, to save the environment from plastic we are cutting down more trees to make way for paper bags!

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    I personally have reduced the usage of plastic. I use glass tiffin boxes. Also, I have changed all the plastic bottles in my kitchen into glass bottles. But I do have few plastic containers to store food in the refrigerator. Slowly I will get rid of those too. But I do not think I can completely stop using plastics as I use plastic covers, buckets, mugs, soap holder etc. The only thing we can do is try and reduce its usage as far as possible.
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