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    Does stress lead to hair loss?

    This question often came to my mind. But I never thought of asking it.
    Stress can cause illness and multiple diseases or impact our nervous system. But does it also lead to hair loss. We say hair loss is seasonal. This is what we assume when we have it. Because we know we are taking a good diet and taking appropriate calcium in it. Then what could be another reason for it?
    In fact, there are many rich people, who are completely bald. But they are very rich. Would they also be getting stress, since they are wealthy enough to fulfill their needs?

    Stress and tension come not only because of money but also because of many other things I feel. It could be friendships, personal relationships, not having enough money or not satisfied with a job or what else? Stress tightens our nervous system.

    How can we connect our thoughts that it could lead to hair loss?
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    I do not know about the connection between hair fall and stress but even I have heard too much stress and tensions will end up in hair loss. Even the doctors say that. Stress affects each and every part of our body, similarly the hair follicles too, I guess, We will wait for the responses of knowledgeable members.
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    Yes what I was told by the doctors that over thinking, stress would lead to dandruff in our hair and that would loosen the roots of hair and thus hair loss. Elders used to say that those who think too much about them and others would get the gray hair fast and they would become old at the young age. It may be true as I could see some software Engineers who are working at odd hours and working without breaks are getting over stressed in their work and even white hairs spotted in their heads. This advisory was also seen on the bill board being put up at the ESIC hospital.
    K Mohan
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    I agree to disagree with the author. In my opinion, stress or frustration has nothing to do with one's hair lose.

    @Mohan, I am inclined to agree that some kind of Grey or white hair can be spotted on one's hair specially people with enough stress.

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    John I do agree people of present age wont believe such things. But it is the fact that those who think too much are bound to get gray or white hair sooner or later. This has been authenticated even by doctors.
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    Yes, stress, anxiety and chronic psychosis lead to hair loss, It is accepted in the medical circles. Chronic anxiety is also known to thin the hairs, this makes it brittle and easily snap or pulled out while combing repeatedly. Telogen effluvium ( hair loss due to stress including illness, major surgery and the above) can sometimes take upto 2 months to be evident

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    There are two things you want clarification about right? Hair loss due to seasons and hair loss due to stress.
    In winters especially, with a lot of dry skin fragments on scalp, the dandruff clogs the pores. Pores are from where the hair follicles grow. So, hair unable to get nutrients, finally falls off.
    When you're in stress or distress adrenaline is pumped into your blood, rapidly increasing oxygen and sugar levels. There is no such proof of adrenaline's adverse effect on hair growth. But body copes with stress by releasing testosterone, which can affect skin, thereby hair.
    Lower your anxiety and symptoms go away within 3 months.
    Even sleeplessness causes hair fall.

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    Yes, stress can cause hair fall. It can even make the hair turn grey overnight. Stress has many external manifestations, one is on hair- hair becoming grey and hair fall. However when one is young these can be reversed when stress is removed and proper care and re-nourishing given.

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    It is true that when you are under tension and when you are stressed too much, there will be hair loss. Many people told about this and doctors also say this. The colour of the hair also become white when you are stressed. Your face will also show more age than your actual age when you are in a stress. This stress will lead to many other problems. So it is always advisable not to get stressed more and try to be as happy as possoble.
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    I am not aware of whether stress causes hair loss or not but this thread asks many questions that were revolving in my mind from many days and reply in this thread are also giving answers which I was seeking.
    And I appreciate the author for putting this topic as a thread.

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    I do agree there is some relationship with hair and stress or worry. In historical period of Tamil Nadu before many years back there was one poet,named ,Pisiranthaiyar, who lead a simple life though King Kulothunga was his close friend, had no single white hair even in his old age. Nowadays we can see many youngsters with bald head or full white hair due to life with full stress or tension or worry.

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    Yes being under pressure, stress and tension cause such problems. Weakness is the reason of having dandruff and hair loss. Using hair gels and sprays products is also the reason of having hair loss . One of my friend has been trying to get rid of dandruff and hair loss using shampoos but its not effect much hair still loss because of taking tension and stress. To control dandruff keep using shampoos frequently and stops being under pressure prevent such type of problems.

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    This is a very interesting thread. There are many scientific studies and investigations for finding out relation between mental state of a person and his physical ailments of any type. Unfortunately there are no concrete results so far which link ones mental state to such problems of hair loss etc.

    This thread has also raised a similar issue and there will be varied responses to this interesting subject.

    Hair loss scientifically speaking is more and less connected to hereditary genetic codes or upbringing in certain environments which may be harmful to hairs in one way or another. There are ample examples around us where the people under lot of stress are having a good amount of hairs while easy going happy people are almost bald.

    So it is very difficult to make a one to one correspondence in such issues till a scientific proof is established.

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