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    Appreciations from the people we respect or admire

    All of us like to be appreciated. But it will be special when we get appreciations from those people whom we respect or admire the most. It is a special feeling which can't be described. Have you felt so?

    Such appreciations can make us feel proud, boost up our confidence level and above all makes us extremely happy. We are worth their appreciation - that is an amazing feeling. Isn't it?

    Have you come across such incidents? Share your feelings.
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    Appreciation are of many types. We are the right judge to gauge which appreciation is real one which are managed or just. Appreciation from parents are real and the mother would be pure without any doubt. Appreciation from teacher would be on the comparison made against your past performance or comparing the performance with other students. Appreciation from close friends and die hard friends are real and from others, it just and we need not give credence. Appreciation from wife may be to please you to accept her on coming demand. Appreciation from boss would the real one as he need not fake.
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    If one deserve worth the appreciation that makes others happy there is higher chances of being appreciated. As @Mohan noted, appreciation are of many types.

    I felt very happy when I received an appreciation gift from our ISC ME Vandana towards my sincere efforts to improve & work towards my goal in ISC or general life.

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    That is the thing - appreciation from the people we respect, we honour, who are our ideals - we cherish most in our life.
    A very interesting thread from the authoress and it has rekindled my memories when I was the recipient of such an appreciation.

    He was my Mathmatics professor when I was doing my graduation and he was writing a text book of hydrodynamics in hindi language and was almost done but wanted someone to write it in a clean handwriting from his rough sheets. At that time facility of writing in computers was not there. As the task was lengthy he wanted a few students to share it. It was our winter break and when he asked if we could help him a few of us showed interest. He gave us a few sample pages to write and we wrote and submitted it to him.

    Somehow he was happy with my handwriting and asked me if I could do the whole thing alone. At that time I did not know how much time that will take but I simply agreed.

    It took for me about 2 months to complete the task and when I gave it to him he simply stood and came to me and hugged me but did not utter a word. I was also not knowing what to say to him at that time.

    The book was given for printing and about a year after this when I was doing my post graduation I got a call from college office that the book was formally to be released in presence of principal and other professors in a function and I was to attend that. On the scheduled day I went to a small lecture room where all the professors were present and the book was released by the principal and my maths professor gave a small speech and told about me and also told that this student has done immense help in proof reading and fair writing of this book and that has been very well acknowledged in the book preface also.

    The principal called me and shook hand with me and praised me like anything in his short speech. I was the only student in the room and though I did a lot of labour in writing that manuscript but still the appreciation I got from such senior people was overwhelming.

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    Yes, would agree that appreciations coming for friends, well-wishers or an honorable colleague or supervisor carries more meaning and value than the plastic pat on your back with a mechanical well done from the crafty higher-ups.The simple reason is that these people are genuine and they feel happy when we do a good job or achieve success however small or big. When such things come our way we are overjoyed and filled with pride as someone who holds in high esteem has the time to recognize our work and say a few good words.
    A few years back, I had the good fortune of passing an overseas exam (was the first in 5 years). My teachers were very happy and had kinds words to say and few encouraged me to go for an overseas job too. I could see their joy that their student had achieved something.

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    it is true. Getting appreciations itself will give us immense happiness. If that appreciation is from a person whom we respect and whom we admire as an elderly person and knowledgeable person, our joy knew no bounds. I carried out my research work at Andhra University. We were three colleges. We were working with the same Director. My Director always used to appreciate me for the work and he always wanted the other two to show their work to me and discuss with me before they go to him. But those used to feel a little bit unhappy. Total three years we worked together and we all made our thesis ready. We have gone to our teacher. He has taken my thesis. He asked me to verify the other two thesis books and get it corrected and finally, ony he will see. I really felt happy for the confidence he kept on me. Once we have obtained our PhD, the department has given us a farewell. On that day my teacher in presence of all the students and department professors in his talk appreciated me with very good words. Even after almost 33 years, I never forget that day and his words.
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    Yes, I feel the same way when I get appreciation from my father for any work. I know he feels proud of many of achievement of me and my brother but it happens sometimes that he appreciates us openly but when he does I really feel good and motivated to do better even when I hear he was praising us behind our back in front of his friends and our relative.
    Even when he says something in anger it motivates me to get that appreciation back or when he appreciates my more than me I feel like I am feeling jealous not with my brother but with that appreciation and I need to do better.

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    You are right, getting an appreciation is the best thing that you can get either from your colleagues or your friends or family.
    My colleague with whom I work, he scolds me a lot if I do anything wrong. But, if I do something innovative and very good, he always praises and appreciates my work. That is the moment I feel just awesome. He is quite senior to me. He is a helpful person, so whenever he appreciates, I feel good that yes I am doing good work.

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