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    I am Mr. Perfect hence I can point out others mistakes

    Some people have the character of considering themselves to be perfect and good at work. They think others are not working and is just spending time somehow. I personally hate such people. Such people are rare but coming across one such person itself can ruin your happiness.

    I know one such person in our office. I admit that he is good at his work but has committed mistakes at times. Every human commits mistakes, so that is not a big deal. But he easily ignores the mistakes he has committed and finds interest in pointing out other mistakes. Even before knowing the actual story, he will put the blame on others. According to him, only he is hardworking and others are just doing something for the sake of getting the salary. Also, he thinks only he in the team can solve complicated things.

    Just because you are good does not mean you are perfect and can blame others simply. He can actually be Mr. perfect if he had utilized the time he spends on blaming others wisely.
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    Chitra I can understand your feelings. Normally in the office we come across so many faces , some of whom are very cordial, some are more friendly, some are arrogant , and many are selfish minded. We have to deal with every one as the job demand such work set up. But there are people who always they are right and even goes to the extent of proving the wrong as right and you are forced to agree such a situation. Some times we have to sustain the tantrums of such persons for our survival in the organization, because people are close to the management by virtue of the manipulating techniques and thus we have to sustain their moves.
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    Ms Chitra, in a previous thread someone expressed her unhappiness with a woman colleague of her who is hyperactive. Now you are unhappy with a male colleague who thinks he is Mr Perfect and finds fault with others. This world is made up of all sorts of people. Try to love but not hate. There are no perfect persons in this world. We have to adjust and live happily.
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    Nobody is perfect but I always feel there is no harm in trying to be perfect in certain situations. Most of us as humans are biased when we judge someone at work or friends we make. It is not good to point out others mistake but ignoring our own mistakes. As an adult, we should be assertive enough to draw other's attention to their mistakes and have the maturity to accept criticism related to our work. In a team at the office or office staff in general, there would be people with a variable level of effiecniey and work ethics. It is how we perform as a team. Sometimes when one is perfect or very good at his or her job, it evokes a pang of envy as to why we cannot be like them and this often turns to dislike. If I were you, I would just ignore him, because there would too many individuals and we can't allow them to disturb our focus and time. If it's persistent then it's time to have a short frank discussion in the presence of a few other staff.

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    I have a classmate with same kind of demeanor. He never paid heed to other's opinions or hardwork. He considers himself a supreme. So here's what I did. I gained his confidence by repeating what he said and mimicking what he did.
    It wasn't long before he started heeding to my opinions and started appreciating my work. He doesn't do that to anyone else.
    Moral: If you want to coexist with that colleague of yours, first gain his trust. These kind of people are non-believers.
    So winning their trust is a great difficulty, but once you do you'll never be irritated or unheeded from then.

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    The post by KVRR and Natarajan can guide us in this regard as they are condensed from their real life experiences. Mohan also has a point of relevance when he says'we have to sustain the tantrums of such persons for our survival'.

    Initially almost everyone feels like the thread author has felt. But everyone slowly gets mellowed and matured and devise their own ways to live with such things. The earlier we gain the maturity and magnanimity the better for us. It can avoid and prevent a lot of stress in our life. We have to learn to laugh away our dislikes and disappointments.

    Now, let me a bit point blank. How we know about our looks? We have to look at a mirror. But even with a mirror, we cannot see our own back. For that we need another person only. Unless someone points out at our mistakes, we cannot rectify and improve. Sometimes those could lead to serious issues. So a timely warning, however acidic and arbitrary it might be, helps us in some way.
    We can deal with another person for his goodness and expertise, and temporarily forgetting his drawbacks. That way we can improve and rise up to his goodness and efficiency level. At that time we will be worthy and deserving to prove his mistakes also. Until then we have to benefit from his credits and shut our eyes and ears to his defects. It is believed that a swan can drink milk alone from a mixture of milk and water.

    Moral stories teach us not to focus on the minus points of great people, but benefit from their good qualities. In that regard they give examples that life-giving water comes from black clouds, clean white lotus has its feet on dirt and mush; and many other comparisons.
    Youngster Aditya Mohan also has a practical point: "......first gain his trust. .................once you do you'll never be irritated or unheeded .........."

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    Nobody is perfect we can only try to move towards perfection but if somebody thinks he/she is perfect its just a big misunderstanding. And people who always try to point out our mistakes- we should think about these things once if we really have those problems and try to improve it. But if someone tries to point out our mistakes without reasons just for satisfying his/her ego and proving that he/she is smart and perfect we should just ignore such people and move forward with what we are doing and the way we are doing it.
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    Nobody in this world is perfect. To err is human. If somebody thinks he is perfect by all means and always, it is a blunder. If somebody thinks he is not doing any mistake, it is very unacceptable. But there are some people who try to concentrate more on their work and as such, they may do fewer mistakes. But 100% perfection will not be achieved. As mentioned by the other these days we find many people who always say I have done it, when everything is OK. But if any problem it will be told as they have done it. He himself will never accept his mistake. But any problem noticed will be attributed to somebody else. But the people who try point out others will never understand their mistakes.. They should be shown their mistakes in presence of everybody so that he will not point out others always. But the boss favour's such person we can't prove him wrong.
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