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    The Doorkeeper: E-book Contest winners

    Ten chapters were submitted for the E-book Contest 2. It was wonderful to see that, unlike the last one which went a bit haywire, this one got published with far better continuity in the story & was more meaningful. Time to award the winners!

    The first prize winners who will each receive an award of Rs.150/- and the virtual gift of the certificate of creativity are Neethu and Surekha Krishnan.
    ~ Neethu gave an excellent start to the book & Surekha's narration was very well written.

    The second prize winners are Partha and Neelam Joshi. They win Rs.100/- + virtual gift of appreciation.
    ~ Partha picked up the story nicely from the opening chapter & Neelam's peek into the character's career development was also nicely penned, without taking the story off-track.

    A consolation prize is being awarded to Padmini, who will receive Rs.75/- + virtual gift of fresh flowers.
    ~ What a scary, dramatic twist Padmini gave to the story!

    Congratulations to all the winners!

    Many thanks to all the participants - please keep in mind the time rule & word count for future such contests. As announced earlier, participants will get enhanced points & cc. However, invalid entries will get only enhanced points for their effort and no cc.
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    Again second! Partha, what are you doing?

    Congratulations to Ms. Neethu and Ms. Surekha Krishnan, the first prize winners. Excellent story from Ms. Joshi and dramatic twist of Ms. Padmini deserve appreciation.

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    Congratulations to Neethu and Surekha Krishnan for winning first prize. I also want to congratulate Partha and Neelam Joshi for winning second prize. My hearty congratulation to Padmini for winning consolation prize.
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    Well done Neethu, Surekha, Partha, Neelam and Padmini. It was a great story from you all. I enjoyed it. I could not participate as I was away and not holding a proper gadget to participate.

    Partha, You may have a hat-trick. Congratulations.

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    Congratulations to all the winners and participants. Well done,

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    Thank you so much, glad to be the winner for the second time. congratulations to all my co-winners, I was curious to know how the story would develop and yes it turned out to be very interesting.

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    It is nice that the results are declared. My congratulations to Neethu and Surekha Krishnan for winning the first prize, My congratulations also to Partha and Neelam Joshi for winning second prize in the contest. My congratulations to Padmini for her consolation prize.
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    Thank you so much for choosing my story among the prize winners. Last time I was a bit disappointed as my story wasn't that good to be in the name of prize list but this time I am really happy for the recognition even if it is second prize I will take it as a start.I really enjoyed being part of this competition and hope more such things will be organized in the future also.
    And congratulation to all the winners MS Neethu, Surekha Krishnan, Mr. Partha, and Padmini.

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    My hearty congrats to E book writing first prize winners Neethu and Surekha Krishnan. My appreciation to second prize winners Partha and Neelam Joshi. And also applause to Padmini for winning the consolation prize.


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    Congratulations to the prize winners.
    I read the E-story series now only. So I got a chance to read the story in full at one go.

    While each one had made efforts and contributed their part to take the story along, as a layman reader, I have my views as below.

    The opening chapter, as ME remarked is the real push with a lot of opportunities open for taking it forward. But I see the absence of the key word Doorkeeper as a defect. Had the word been there instead of or as an addition to 'fragile old man' the course of the story could have been more clear for a reader. Now, it appears as a general blind para for a contest announcement . But otherwise the creativity talent and language deserves appreciation.

    Seen on the basis of my above para, I see the section contributed by Partha is the real source and control point for the story to proceed. The deft handling covering the minus point in the starting chapter deserves some special extra appreciation.

    From then on, I did not get the expected satisfaction and continuity sequence though each contributor tried to link the connectivity and give a linear connection..
    The Epilogue had added a saving grace. A little more fine tuning of would have taken the story to a more satisfying experience and feeling of fullness. My appreciation to the epilogue part also.

    Overall I welcome such ventures. They give chances for the creative talented members to come out and also opportunity to improve by chiselling and polishing..
    Congrats to all participants for their participation and contribution.

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    My heartiest congratulation to all winners Neethu, Surekha, Partha, Neelam and Padmini. it is an interesting contest. through this contest we have got chance to read interesting stories . thanks for organize this type of contest.
    Phagu Mahato
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    Thank you all for your wishes, and thank you ISC for giving me this opportunity. I am glad I could participate. The first prize came as a real surprise. Congratulations to Ms. Neethu, Neelam, Padmini and Mr. Partha

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    Hearty congratulations all the winners. Keep it up. Creativity is not something that everyone is blessed with. So be proud.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    Again consolation! (Hahahaha)
    I liked this contest, all the entries and the most beautiful part was its ending.
    It gives us an opportunity to shape up our random thoughts in a creative way.
    Congratulations to Ms. Neethu, Ms. Surekha, Mr. Partha and Ms. Neelam for getting awarded in this contest.


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    I can see many loopholes in the recent contest being organised. While Partha and others have mentioned to be Gurkha doorkeeper the consolation award winner mentions it as Gorka doorkeeper. While others may be of the opinion that it is just a difference of word and nothing else. But in a contest such as an ebook writing you have to very particular when you are writing names. Now suppose in an ebook one of the character name is Sita and some person mentions it as Gita so the story can lead it to some other direction. I think that the announcement of the winners was done in a haste without considering all aspects. The managing editor mentions keep in mind the words limit but I haven't found any one words limit to be extending more than 300 words.

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    Earlier Mr. Venkiteswaran pointed out a mistake which I myself noticed at the time of writing my chapter itself. Now Mr. Hothead (actually a very senior Member in a different name) has pointed out another mistake.

    However, I humbly request Members to limit ourselves in congratulating the winners in this thread. We may point out the drawbacks in a separate thread.

    It is only a personal request.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    In a true analytical sense the word mistakes would look big. But for me, the topic of the contest and the way in which the threads were submitted, people who couldn't(including myself), dropped in a line that we can't, then the content followed by all the wishes to winners reflects the spirit of the contest and ISC, the core purpose has been served, that's good for me. Just my personal views.

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    Hearty congratulations to the first, second and consolation prize winners! All the e-book entries were good and could comprehend the subject well without any deviations. Good going, keep it up!

    The cash rewards and points have been credited. The virtual gifts will be sent separately.

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