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    Indian new foreign policy to be based on non rigid alliances. How will it emerge?

    Indian top diplomatic bureaucrat has termed Indian foreign policy of rigid alliances of past to go away and future policy to be on broad based alliances. This is a strategic shift. This means a lot. Indian foreign policy in future may take issue based alliances instead of traditional concept of all weather friendship. This is at a time when our neighbours having territorial dispute are buidling all weather alliances like Chino-Pakistan. But India has no all weather friendship with any major power. This might be a set back at the same time an opputunity. Friends Let us weigh our options.
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    This was a trend during early 1900s. This is exactly what magnified the magnitude of world war.
    When there is no rigid relationship, alliances form on compensation. And if the alliance loses, the whole losses will be incurred by India.
    That's the downside. But by making non-rigid alliances, India remains neutral in a dispute.
    Being neutral in a war is a gift.
    And at the same time India can reap the benefits of an alliance from it's allies.

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    That is true. Issue-based friendship with foreign countries will make us neutral. We will not have any permanent friend or a permanent foe. We may support a country basing on the issue it is taking up. If we feel that point is helpful for our country we should go with them hand in hand. If we feel that the point is of no use to our country and we will be a loss we should not support that point. The only point to be based on is country's interest. But by doing this we will be not having any permanet friend and they may support or may not support when we are ina problem. But other countries who also have a similar policy like us the neutral policy, definitely they may come for our help when it is really needed. But if we are with some nations permanently if there is any war, we may have to support that country who is more reasonable and who are trying to avoid that situation more amicable.
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    It would be a good move because the global geo-political and economic alingment of the world is fast changing. Long gone are the loyal hierarchies and long gone is India's status to be meek observer alone. We need to forge ties that help exports and reduce imports or at least the cost of it. We also need to be a master strategist in making alliances that would deter our regular troublemakers across the border.Yes, we certainly cannot sour our relationships with China and the USA. We need to choose wisely in the Middle East, Israel would be good for us. We need to focus on Africa more weighing in the opportunities for us. Being neutral risks of not having a staunch ally who would be obliged by agreements to help us. But I think, we need not think too much as exigencies that threaten our nation would be very rare.

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    This is a very practical approach. In international relations, there is no permanent friend or enemy. The friendship develops on the basis of mutual cooperation and protection of mutual interest. From this point of view, the present approach of Indian foreign policy is good. I particularly like the ''Look East'' policy of the present Government.
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    The time alone can prove whether the policy of non-rigid alliance of the Government is good or not. We may come out stronger and may attract more friends or enemies as the things turn out. At this point in time, it is difficult to predict.
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    The implications of not having an all weather friendship can be understood in recent events.
    Let us take UNSC resolution 1267 on Terrorism. India lobied hard for inclusion of Mazood Azhar as a terrorist. Though this could not have lead to his arrest in reality it would have greatly affected his financial abilities. This would have meant the most dreaded Hizbul Muzhahuddin losing its finance from its leader, chief financier Mazood Azhar. But despite India having backing of 4 Permnant members and majority of UNSC members was not able to do so as China put a technical hold without any reason. Everyone knows the reason. China-Pakistan all weather friendship.
    Also from 1971-until recently Russia blocked all Resolutions on Kashmir. But in a recent resolution Russia has surprisingly absteined. This time India was saved by France.
    But France India relations are not going well due to recent Rafale deal issues.
    So India is being increasingly left ungaurded in security issues at UN.
    But in issues like Paris Aggreement, Peace clause of WTO india's non rigid alliance had greatly helped India.
    Due to non rigid relarionships Indian traditional allies in the region like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Maldives and even Bangladesh are pursuing policies inimical to India's interest and pro Chinese by allowing chinese millitary bases and ports. They are increasingly rejecting Indian proposals for one reason or the other
    In this light let us discuss the implications.

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