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    Crow will not become a stork by taking bath

    Generally there is a sort of a phrase in certain languages meaning somewhat like this: "Crow will not become a stork by taking bath". In Malayalam it is stated as "kaka kulichal kokkakumo?" Crow is a black bird whereas stork is a white one. Both got the respective colors by nature. We use the phrase to indicate that a born criminal or one having very bad behavior cannot be modified as a gentleman through advises.
    In the present world we have several examples to this. In every field we face people who never change their attitude even if forced. Advises will have no effect on them. Our political scene is becoming so filthy because of such people. Political parties also are not learning lessons from falls.
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    In Tamil - "Nayai Kuluppatti nadu veettil vaithalum nai nai thane". Even if we give a good bath to a dog and keep it in the central hall, the dog will remain as dog only. We can't change the nature. Similarly, we cannot change the born character of a human being.

    Another Tamil proverb - "Vuyara paranthaalum voorkuruvi parunthaguma" - Even if a sparrow fly at height, will it become an eagle?

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    But at the same time we have stories of Valmiki and Angulimal. Both were born criminals who became peaceful hermits after finding religion. Which one should we believe now? The greatest epic of India or an idiom?
    Idioms and phrases are individual opinions. And epics and legends, nevertheless are imaginations of an author.
    So, don't rely on either of them.
    Rely on the person's ability to accept the change. We all change and everything changes. Whether the change is for good or bad is purely subjective.

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    Crow never changes colour. America's infamous cult leader and killer, Charles Mason, passed away a few days back (19th November 2017). He was found guilty in 1972 but never showed any remorse during parole hearings and hence was denied parole till 2027! There are many who find it difficult to change their true self and display them sometime or the other. People involved in anti-social and anti-national activities do it despite knowing the adverse impact of their acts. The same holds good for corruption and scam masters. Whatever rules or regulations, they will find a way around it. I don't think its the money alone, I think its more like an addiction, an incurable greed to get more and more irrespective of what means they chose.
    If you look at it from an analytical viewpoint, there's a human, his/her ambitions or deviant desire and there's an opportunity or loophole. So, why not use it, if needed repeatedly? Some can reform and be an example for others like they have reformed drug addicts helping their fellow addicts to come out of it.

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    I have heard the idiom related to this thread not the exact one in Hindi which is "Kawa Chala hans ki Chaal" used a for a person who is actually different in real life and often used in a sarcastic manner for a person who is a complete show off so in this context I can also say a crow can't be a stork if it just put up a show for the world.
    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    There is a similar saying in Telugu. Even if you wash charcoal many times with milk, you will waste the milk but the colour of the charcoal will remain black only. This they used to say when we try to convert some people from their notorious behaviour to famous mentality. These days we see many people they will be like that only forever. Whatever attempts you try to change him will be proved futile. They will remain like that only. they got that nature by birth and that will go only when he leaves this world. But there are some people who will behave differently because of their condition at that particular moment and they can change their attitude once their conditions improve. Valmiki and Angulimal are not criminals by birth. They were like that because of their conditions at that moment. They learned the lesson and become very famous. These are like burning charcoal which will appear white but once the ash is removed by blowing air their original quality of redness will appear.
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    No one is criminal by birth! That is impossible. Situations makes us criminals. Oppertunities makes us kings. We change and nothing is constant. It all depends on the ambience.
    Angulimaal led his life by cutting thumbs off the sadus and valmiki is reported to have even killed few wayfaring Brahmins.
    And according to Hinduism, crimes of such sorts are unpardonable.
    Yet, they were pardoned. They found out the truth and changed. Anyone can as long as they want to.
    A crow can be a stork if he believes in himself.
    Note: there are albino crows. Which are coated with pure white feathers. Thus bizarrely they just contradicted the above given statement.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Let us not go to foreign land to find white crows. Any crow irrespective of black or white cannot change their colour after a single bath. Black cannot become white, and white cannot become any other colour permanently.

    In Hindi film Sagma, Sridevi tries to change the colour of her white pet dog into blue by pouring blue ink on it.
    Very recently, in one of the southern temple, an elephant was made white by applying vibhuthi on the entire body.

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    Mr. Aditya Mohan: "No one is criminal by birth! That is impossible. Situations makes us criminals. ''Although this statement is very soothing to hear but it is not factually correct. Genes play a major role in developing criminal tendencies among children of criminals.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Well the old golden proverbs were written and created for the best of mankind. One has to probe and go deep into such sayings and do not find fault with such proverbs. The behavior of bad characters and they wont mend the ways are the essence of those great proverb and that is true and fact too. In daily life we see such persons who are wrong doers and yet try to move in the society wearing white shirt and white pant as if they are clean in their life. Invariably you can see the politicians resorting to white dress which signifies that they are the people to be believed as they wont do any wrong. But the fact is otherwise.
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    Therapy my friends! Therapy can change anyone. From psychopathy to split personality.
    Yes I agree with Partha, genes play a crucial role in character building. But psychopathy isn't a trait that's inherited.
    A son of a psychopath isn't necessarily a psychopath.
    We are all born the same. Innocent and weak. It is the upbringing that changes us.
    If you consider the "bath" here as a good parenting, then every crow will turn out to be a stork.
    When I say even the worst of the criminals can change, I'm quoting my personal experience.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    ''When I say even the worst of the criminals can change, I'm quoting my personal experience.''-Is it true? Am I reading it correctly?
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I have seen criminal minded people change. That's what I'm saying. And some experiences and encounters are too personal for me to post about them elaborately.
    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    The proverb is only to indicate that it is very difficult to change the traits and habits that are formed at a very early age ,and the environment during early stages of life like the family has its deep effect in a person's later life.
    Even if they try to hide their original traits and character by pretending or putting up artificial show, at some crucial time the original will come out exposed We ready many a report about clever masqueraders being caught. So it is better for people to be as they are and not to hide it by some make-up. So we have to imbibe good habit sand good character from childhood itself.

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