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    My feelings as I saw a few rag-pickers on the way.

    I saw few children picking up rag trying to find something useful and then fighting over something which was shining but didn't have any use. They wanted to keep it for themselves. They were fighting over that thing and ended up breaking that thing and crying as they jostled for it.

    It makes me feel that all those promises of every child getting an education within the age group of 5-14 i.e, primary education and getting mid-day meal are mere dreams. Where is the school for these children? Where is the food for these children? Who has any responsibility towards them?

    Even I will feel this sympathy for them when I am going through any such area where they are picking rag for a moment; after some time, I will be lost in the busy schedule of my life and will forget the whole issue. Such situation only makes us sad for some time and then our life carries on. Will this situation change one day? Will these kids go to school one day?
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    There are many children like that in India. Even in big cities if you go to the city outskirts or to the slum areas you will find many such. In villages also we will find such people. In India, the gap between poor and rich is very high. There are many people who don't have even two times a meal in a day. There are people who don't know how much many they have. In fact in our country, the amount of food we are wasting will be sufficient for many such people. Many children will not be sent to schools also and they will use as a source for getting income by sending them for begging. The Indian government should ensure reservations to such people and ensure that justice will be done to them. But the advantages of reservations are going to rich people. A collector's daughter is becoming a doctor by using the reservation. But a man who earns his daily wage don't even know what are the facilities government is extending to them. This system should change. Otherwise, we will find many such kinds of children many times and many places in India.
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    These are questions that many have asked and not got answers so far to the desired extent. I'm happy that you are moved by their plight.There are many children who instead of going to schools, having good clothes, good food, they are rag pickers. They have to do this to support their family income, to get a little food that they can't get at home and have to wear torn or old clothes that are either donated or found somewhere. I feel sad when coming back from weddings or functions because invariably there would be few children waiting in the corner picking up scraps of food from discarded plates. There are many things in place for such children with the help of government and NGOs, basic education, food and shelter is given but it would not be sufficient to cover all these unfortunate children in India. If you look at OXFAM website or other charity websites you would be surprised about the gap between rich and poor.

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    In that respect, I like the Sikh community where there is no beggar, and poverty is rarely seen in the Sikh community. Why not all Indians become Sikh and be free from poverty and begging. There will be no child ragpicker.
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    Yes every state government and central government has promised that poverty will be removed and the poor will get the two square meals and the children would get free education at government schools where even mid day meals are provided. But rag pickers are habituated to their profession and they wont listen to even local police when prevailed upon. In Hyderabad for the past two days there are no rag pickers or beggars. Thanks to Ivanka Trump visit to the city, all the rag pickers and the beggars who have been bothering us on the road sides have been shifted to jails for rehab.
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    Rag pickers, in children, are not coming their own but their parents made them to do so for their daily bread. Instead if they would sent to schools, their level would come up. Not only rag pickers but many child labours' status is this. But as for as the elders as rag pickers, their earning is really considerable we need not worry or pity on them but instead we can appreciate them as they are making the streets clean to some extent.

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    Mr. Pattabhi,
    It is not the duty of the children to pickup the waste and clear the area. There are Metro corporation, Municipalities etc to care the cleaning business. Every citizen has been tasked to pay their taxes only for this purpose. Let the children not suffer at the cost of irresponsible civic authorities. We should discourage ragpicking children, and book the authorities concerned for not performing their duties.

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    There are many such children in India, especially in the rural areas. It is really sad and we stand helpless. Like the author said, we feel sad for a while and then gets engaged in our daily routines. But I feel the number of such children has reduced when compared to earlier days. Hopefully the current situation will change soon.
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    As simple ordinary people, we do not get t know many things happening.
    There are handlers and vested interests behind thees kind of happenings. Sometime, the parents themselves are responsible. Not all these children are orphans.They are used by their parents also to earn for their habits like drinking etc. The children also enjoy such carefree and haphazard life.
    It needs a lot of political and administrative will and the efforts from the society also to wean away these children from such life and bring them to schools. In fact now in most states there are many benevolent schemes like totally free education, free supply of dress(uniform), free food and snacks, free books and education materials. The child has to reach the school-that is all.
    The one that is now lacking is the punishment for the parents who do not send their children to school. Simultaneously it should be ensured that the family gets steady work and earning to live with the minimum essentials. Even in this regard there are schemes for free ration, employment etc. How effective they are has to be reviewed and rectified if needed. There is no dearth of NGOs, people's representatives and officials to monitor and survey al these.
    Now it needs strict action from government. Hope things are looking positive in that direction.

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    Glad that Venkiteswaran sir echoes my views, there are many things in place for these children to improve but we need consistent or mandatory push from the Government to ensure that children are available to attend and claim these benefits or basic essential of early life. He also has a valid point, the parents who prevent their children from attending the schools should be compensated and or penalized.

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