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    Are you happy with the job you are doing ?

    Most of us are working or were working. The job you are ( were) doing might be or might not be interested to you. But you needed a job and you went for it. At the same time some of us would have got the type of job we wished. You just go back to your education days. Most of us would have thought of reaching a place in this society by doing an interested job after education. Some would have attained the aim. But some would not have. Just imagine the situation if you had been in another job.
    I did not think very much about my type of job after finishing education. However when PG was over I opted for teaching and research. I had to wait for more than three years to get into an appropriate job, a teaching post in a University. I enjoyed the same. Though I moved into another University after ten years I worked as a teacher and researchDr. throughout my career. Now when I look back I find many of my stude6 are well placed in the society. There are Vice Chancellors, IAS officers, Directors of Central and State Research institutes, Professors, Scientists, etc. Many work in foreign countries again in teaching or research organisations. As such I am fully satisfied with my selection of job after completing education.
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    I was having a definite aim which job I wanted. I could not pursue my education to the level I wanted due to the issues and reasons commonly faced by a middle class family in those days. However God was kind and I could get the job I wanted in my dreams, adapted corresponding to my education level . However soon, I realised that job satisfaction alone cannot make our life, with its various needs and priorities. So I shifted to a job which fetched a relatively higher remuneration then. I felt satisfied or convinced myself to be satisfied for the next three decades. But by my early fifties, I developed some kind of boredom and lack of satisfaction and novelty in my job. Evaluating many factors, I quit my job at the earliest suitable opportunity.

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    I always wanted to become an Administrative officer EAC. Unfortunately, I couldn't pursue my higher studies to complete my graduation and appear for NPSC examination because dad couldn't afford to finance for my education. Gradually, after grown up, I began to take up odd jobs (Daily wage earner) so I could finance for my own education. Currently I am pursuing my higher studies in B.COM from Global open university.

    I am not happy with my current job but at the same time, I have always learned to like what I get because at least I get what I deserve. However, I am happy that I am now a programmer and I really love my alternative job.

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    From my Childhood days, I wanted to be in a top position in any Organisation I work and I should be suitably rewarded for the kind of work I do. My education went on the line I wanted. After my education, even though I got a position as a lecturer in a college, as I was not interested in that line, I have not accepted that job against to the wishes of my Research Director. Later on, I started my career in the line I wanted and continued on the same line but changed the Organisations and finally, I could reach the top level of the organisation. I worked in that position in the same organisation for more than 12 years. Again I changed to another organisation and I am presently continuing in a top position of this Organisation. After some years I meet my Research Director, he appreciated me for the decision I have taken those days. I am very happy for that. 5 candidates got their Doctorates under my supervision and they are also in good positions.
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    Though every body would say for the sake of others eye on us that our job is good and we are well paid. But in inner heart we know how we are being battered at the work place with much load of tasks and yet paid not commensurate with the work taken. There are private organization which has the over time concept and the money is paid to the factory workers. But the same rule is not applied to the office staff and thus there would be dissent among the office employees. They silently work less for the company by postponing the task and work entrusted and thus they are not happy at all.
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    Most of the times, we never had a career counselor or anyone to give advise apart from what parents,uncles or friends had to contribute.I was one who took what came by, the job was not what I dream't of but it led me to a short stint abroad and now I,m happy with what comes by. I came of the hamster wheel last year and now do freelance work which gives me time and most important peace of mind most days. There are days that I wish didn't come by and when there's a little financial squeeze but no point in worrying about it, that's life. I am thankful to God for helping me along to where I am in terms of Job and to parents who gave me more than they could.

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    It gives me much more joy when I sometimes peek into ISC during free time in work hours, that makes me much happier.

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    I am happy with the work that I am doing. Although I did study through Electronics and now doing the job in IT sector but I learn every day being here. This is what motivates me, either it is a database or learning some scripts. We always feel like doing something more every day. That becomes a learning for us. Doing something challenging and new is what makes us learn something new and different.
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    I have been working since August 1989. I have been dealing with Administration (Personnel) matters since January 1998 in different Government organisations at different levels. Although many Officers find the work of Administration division very boring, I find it very interesting. I can apply my education (HR) in my work. Everyday brings new challenges, some of which are time-bound, require management of resources and innovation. And personnel matters in Government sectors are very complicated and challenging (contrary to popular beliefs; as for example, in my present organisation, we are going to overhaul the staff strength at various levels-the work has started from today).
    I like my work but I must admit that after almost 20 years in Administration division at various levels, I sometime like to work in different Government schemes for new experience, but, I have been stamped as an Administration man.

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    I am doing a job that is related to what I learned. I wanted to be an Accountant and I am one. I am happy about it. But getting up early for work, hectic days at work etc makes me unhappy. I know life cannot be full of happy moments. Also, the cooking. Cleaning and washing jobs at home after work, makes me feel like quitting my job. But at the end of the day, money matters.
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