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    When you were in school, did any teacher beat you?

    In those days, when I was in school, there were different types of teachers. Some were very loving and used to behave like friends, some just came to the class and seriously engaged the class, some would ask questions from the topics covered in the previous class and sometimes they would have given some homework which will be checked.

    One or two teachers were there who came to the class with a small cane. However, they used this very rarely. There were certain students who created problems and invited beatings. One day the lady teacher who was teaching Hindi asked the students to recite a Hindi poem taught in the previous class. Some of the students did it easily, but some could not. Unfortunately I happened to be in the second group. For the first (and the last) time in my school life, I got a beating from that Hindi teacher. Generally I was included among the students who studied well. Hence this incident still remains in my memory.
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    I was never beaten up by my subject teachers except my drawing master who used to beat on my wrist with the wooden cylindrical ruler with abuses that cannot be spelt here for my bad drawing. He was my neighbour's relative. When he was breathing his last, I was near him. He was an excellent drawing master who could keep his students under control. His good name was Patchiraja Pillai. I will never forget that good old master in my life. Just because of his beats, I am very good at drawing.
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    The question made me laugh. No offence meant to the author. As I was a very sobre and ideal student, I was given regular treatment by various teachers including the Principal. The frequency of such physical treatment was more or less once in a week, ignoring other forms of punishment.

    However, in my case, on many occasions, I used to get thrashing twice for a single offence. When my parents were called by teacher(s) for reporting my offence, I used to get another round of thrashing from my parents.

    However, I rarely got punished for my studies- once or twice during my school life.

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    I was in a school were discipline was considered to be of a high level. The teachers were very strict and we could not talk to each other in class.
    Many times I was beaten up by my teachers not with cane but only with their looks ,and that was enough.once in a while the kids were beaten. They say spare the rod and spoil the child. Nowadays kids are spoiled because thrashing is not allowed, and rods are not seen in classrooms.

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    I was once beaten up my teacher with her scale. That too in my knuckles with a small steel scale. I was in primary school and didn't answer some question. She beat me up. It was not hard, but I still remember that incident.
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    I have not had beatings at school but some classmates have had cane beatings on their hands for their mis behavior. anyone who is disturbing the class or fights in the class would be given a stern warning after that it would be the cane on the hands for 3-5 beatings. It would be very fearful to watch as we would dread when would be getting it.Those days the teacher beating a student was quite common as our parents also would have beaten us for mischief. Now, I don't think that would be possible as the parents would start complaining against the teachers. For incomplete work we used to be made to stand on the bench for at least 15 minutes are stand separately at prayer time. This used to be very embarrassing as everyone would be staring at us. Some students would be threatened that a TC would be issued which was the worst we get potentially get as punishment.

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    In olden days the sir or a teacher with a stick and scale are regarded as the best and most disciplined. I wont agree with the old members of this site claiming that they have not been beaten by the teachers in their school life. In those days there were no laws against the teacher who causes injuries on the student. Now the laws are fully protecting the students and the teacher cannot beat or not even abuse the student. And when I was studying in government school, surely the bad behavior of students in the class was much and the teachers invariably got annoyed over not listening to their commands and orders and thus punished the erring students. The punishments were different apart from beating with stick. One has to make rounds of the school ground bare foot in the hot sun. One has to stand up on the bench with two hands up. And some times kneel down for one period in full.
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    In our school times 1967 - 1972 it was not an unusual thing if a student was beaten by teacher. In fact it was so common that if a fellow student was never beaten he was seen as a dull and unintelligent one sitting and glued to his seat having no mischief in his pockets.
    Only problem was that some of the teachers took beating as a sports activity and continued their beatings consistently for quite some time and in many occasions parents also came to school to ask explanation of the teachers for such long beating sessions.
    Anyway that time these things were taken as granted and very normal. I also got good thrashing and beatings a few times not only due to lack of studies or not giving answers correctly but because of mischiefs and other cross talking etc.

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    My school days were limited for 5 years only, since I joined school very late. I joined in the second form, which is equivalent to the present 7th standard. The Sixth form was SSLC. Perhaps because of this I was a little elderly student by the time I joined school. Chances of getting beatings are less in these classes. That may be the reason for getting less beating.
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    I had the experience only once in my school days. Total I went to school for about 9 years. 4 years of primary school and 5 years of high school. In primary school, my teachers were very nice to me. I used to get always appreciations from them as I was getting the lessons taught by my mother in the house and hence I was well following the lessons in the school. In my high school, my uncle was also a teacher, so I was very well known to all the teachers. I used to get either class first or second in all the examinations and all classes. So here also I was getting very good remarks from the teachers.
    But during my 8th class, my Science teacher conducted a special exam to the students. In that, he will give a chemical experiment by name. We have to draw the picture and write the method. My friend was not able to write the description and I have not completed the figure. So we both exchanged the papers. My friend started drawing the figure on my paper and I started writing the description. The teacher noticed and he had beaten both of us on that day. I will never forget this incident as this is the only time I got a punishment in the school.

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    Super question sir, today may be very less people(pupils) who do not get heated by teacher but in those days very less people escaped from teachers beat. I was a student of above average and so I never got beaten by my own teachers, moreover I was a pet to teachers coming to my class as well to the HM. But I have not also escaped. In my 9th standard quarterly examinations especially on the day of social studies, a student of my bench (he was 7th standard) asked me whether I have extra pen as his own exhausted ink. I gave my additional pen to him by telling the way to open the pen. By seeing this mistakening me, supervising teacher sri Krishnurthy iyengar suddenly beaten me in the back neck and seized my answer paper also. I,as asked to get out, directly went to the HM's room and explained the happening. HM himself came with me to the hall , told the teacher and made permit me to write paper further. Later that sir told me sorry is the separate matter.

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    More than being beaten, I must have been pinched (more painful) by my teachers. I was neither a bad student nor mischievous but I specifically remember an incident when our Head Mistress called me to the staff room and flogged me. I was then contesting for the post of Magazine Editor in our school. As part of the campaign we were moving around canvassing votes. As we entered a class room where our Hindi teacher was taking the class, may be due to the election spirit, I chose to address the students in Hindi. She misunderstood my intention and felt offended and the complaint was placed before our Head Mistress. Everything was fine till I gave the explanation and sought for an unconditional apology. As bad luck would have it, I put my hands into my pocket (to take my handkerchief) as I was moving out of the office and was instantly called back. My action was again misunderstood to be defiance and she just started off. Luckily she targeted the portion below my elbow only but I was almost bleeding. My father was called for the next day and everything finally ended on a fine note.
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    Saji I really recollect the pinching attitude of some teachers when we fail to answer and I also mention here that few teachers used to tame us by turning our ears to pain.
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    Pinching the hand just below the shoulders was so common that friends and myself at school took it as normal, I think most times it was just a little act along with a stern phrase of caution that gave results the teachers wanted. In present-day school, this won't be taken lightly by parents and can be mistaken too.

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    As I was always excellent in studies, I did not get scolding nor thrashing from any teacher any time through out my school days. But I was a restless and impatient boy even then. As I could comprehend things taught very fast, I used to lose interest and feel bored when the teacher repeated it. At that time my attention could get distracted by the sound of an aeroplane or a speeding lorry or some other thing. I would start talking with the boy next about something, or I may be drawing random circles and figures. Though mostly the teachers ignored it, when they saw my activity distracted other boys also,they used to warn me by throwing the chalk piece at me telling to sit erect or keep quite. As I recall now, I had received beating a couple of times at least in this connection.

    Another occasion now I remember, was when the whole class was given the cane when we all played throwing stones on the tiled roof of our class room just for the entertainment, and broke a couple of tiles which fell and littered the class room.

    As Saji had mentioned, I also had received pinching on my ear by a lady teacher to punish me for my carelessness by answering in hurry, without reading all details. She deliberately pinched me more sharply because I could have scored full marks but lost it by a whisker because of carelessness only.

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    Yes, I was beaten by teacher many times and my uncle was also teacher he was a very dangerous man and mostly he beat me on daily basis I was much afraid from them because there was no such rule and it was Govt school no one care whats happening.

    No only my lot of other students has the same situation but nowadays teachers are good and they teach nicely. I am still thinking why old days was so bad for me but now things are ok that is good.

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