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    How can we escape from the natural calamity Tsunami?

    This is an interesting subject to discuss. How can we escape from the natural calamity Tsunami? What should we do if the government announces in advance that there is a Tsunami attack? Even if we ignore it, what should we do if the tsunami attacks?

    Let us discuss it seriously as there is a doubt about a strong tsunami in the month of December 2017 or January 2018.

    @ Editors, Like a tsunami, Kindly don't try to destroy this thread by locking it saying another thread on Tsunami is already on.
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    When a Tsunami happens, the main thing we need to watch out for is tremors. Tsunamis occur while giving out some warning. Main reason for Tsunamis is earthquakes followed by volcanic eruptions, both of them cannot go unnoticed.
    Tsunamis spread miles away from the focal point. So you definitely won't be able to experience a earthquake but you still might feel few tremors. Volcanic eruptions can be seen from kilometres.
    If you can notice neither, look for the change in heightof tides and pressure change in shore.
    Now you've spotted a Tsunami, time to run!

    It is these 40 feet high waves that are lethal. Waves after hitting the shore brings in debris, which is lethal combined with tidal speed.
    It is natural that humans would try to get to the highest ground possible.
    Make sure you get to a concrete standing mound. Community halls are often built at an elevation. Even temples can be safety shelters because most of them are at high elevations.
    Moreover food is available in both of these shelters. So try to occupy these places first.
    It is always better to stay with civilization than to survive alone.

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    Now a days our weather department is very active and they are giving warnings and prediction regarding heavy rains and Tsunami like alerts. Those who are in coastal belt area must be always vigil. Normally locals would have the sounds of high tides even far from five kilometers range. And even if one person cat spot such giant tides, he can alert the locals and they can shift to safer places and for that we need not depend on AIR news bulletin or television weather forecasts. And always keep ration for one month always, as the natural calamities can strike at any time because we cannot control the nature.
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    Mr. Mohan,
    You being in Hyderabad, might not have seen the real effect of Tsunami. You could have watched on the net or TV. It is not that Tsunami will leave you to eat your ration for a month. It will take away all that you hold in one go. It leaves behind nothing but washes away everything back to the sea. I have personally visited the Tsunami hit areas in Kanyakumari district, and wondered about Tsunami. OMG! It has silenced the entire coastal belt. Tsunami has not spared anything. I don't think, a life jacket or life raft will help you to escape from Tsunami. The time to prepare and leave to safety places would be very minimal.

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    I think the only way to escape from a Tsunami would be to run at your fastest speed to farthest possible high ground. You must remain prepared if you are staying in a tsunami prone zone. You might get about five to ten minutes after the first warning signals. So, one need to be aware of high grounds, easiest routes to escape and so on. All said and done, the reaction time one gets during such an event would be very less and one should be prepared to run or drive the fastest to escape.

    People living in the coastal belt understand the variations in the sea and they can foresee if any danger is lurking; though it may not be a tsunami as such. The common phenomenon that occurred during the previous tsunami that hit places including parts of India was the receding of the sea to such an extent beyond one's imagination.

    @ Mr Sun, please avoid being skeptical. The thread in question was locked because the responses had started deviating to ways of escaping from Tsunami which is exactly the point of discussion here and you have been informed of the same.

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    It is a very difficult situation. If the area we stay is prone to these natural calamities, based on the warnings from the climate control centres, the government will be making arrangements to rehabilitate the people from the accident-prone area. We should also think of vacating those areas if any small risk is also there for our life. If it is in advance notice we can see that our family and our valuables are also shifted to a safe place. But there are no warnings and only just before the incident if you got the information, the only way is to run to a farthest highest place which you can reach within the time. These days the warning systems are in place and even in many remote places also we have radio sets and TVs who will be giving the alerts very frequently and very regularly at that time. The Even government will be advising the fishermen not to go on to the sea during these troubled times. So we have to be cautious and we have to see that we will be safe.
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    Very Many Thanks for locking my earlier thread on Tsunami. It has crossed the specified 10 days yesterday. Saji, we won't know the height and effect of the tidal wave. Hence it may not be possible to reach an elevated ground. If you think a multi-storey building is an elevated position, the waves would hit the bottom of the building and the building might collapse. What I feel is - It is better to be indoor with life jackets, ensuring the room is locked like a watertight compartment permitting no gushing of seawater. Avoid staying in multistorey buildings. My suggestion is based on my physical inspection of Tsunami affected site where the independent houses were intact, but people were missing.

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    It is unfortunate that your thread regarding Tsunami got locked abruptly. And it is good that you started new one. So the discussion continues.
    If Earthquakes creating devastating series of waves in the ocean, strategically placed floating sensors can issue warning signals. Warnings are issued only minutes before Tsunami hits the shore. So no time for human evacuations. The giant forces that had been building up deep in the Earth hundreds of years, were released suddenly on 26th December 2004.The Tsunami that devastated Tamil Nadu coast took 2 hours to reach the coast from epicenter. We didn't receive any warning signals. This means Tsunami waves moved faster than warning signals, just like the speed of a jet liner. That earthquake released the energy of 23000 Hiroshima type atomic bombs. Huge, unimaginable power! That was nature's fury!
    No way to escape

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    What would happen if the tsunami attacks during midnight while we all are at fast and sound sleep. Who will alarm or warn, and how do we hear the alarm or warning signal? No chance of escaping from the Tsunami, my dear fellow ISCian. Leave it to our fate.

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    There are meteorological monitoring stations around the world that are very sophisticated. As others have mentioned, there would be a major event somewhere in the vicinity that triggers a tsunami. Once a major earthquake or an undersea event happens, then it will be picked up by these agencies. There are agencies that offer a ALERT if you register your phone number and your locality is in the high risk area. This alert will enable to person to be aware and move ahead when the alarm sounds. How this can be implemented in India, I'm not sure. Japan that has major earthquakes and hurricanes have shelters that can withstand forceful storms. We need that kind of infrastructure disaster support. All we can hope is that it does not come this year, local communities know the real situation in terms of disaster support and escape plan. So, accordingly they can plan they movements if and when a warning is sounded. sadly, there would be many who would not make it.

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    I reiterate SuN's apprehension and would like to remind our members that,
    Mankind inhabits this Earth subjected to Geological Consent by the Supreme Power that we called as God,- which can be withdrawn at any time!
    For thousands and thousands of people this consent was withdrawn with shocking suddenness on 26th December 2004 at Chennai coast
    All geological events are sudden and all are unexpected if not necessarily entirely anticipated.
    I strongly believe, Humankind can't survive God's all frequent display of Tectonic power! Geography and Topography are playing the tragic roles in the story……..

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    Neeraj, I agree, the fury of Mother Nature and the Almighty's plans for us is not in our hands. All we can do is be prepared and equip ourselves to face the threats. Japan is the country that has most natural disasters for the size of land mass. But the country is prepared for earthquakes, typhoons and their disaster management and preparedness is second to none. What we need is to have similar systems in place for the high risk areas. The at least, there would be some percentage of people who can be saved initially and in the later stages. I think, this is what Mr.SuN wants to know.

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