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    Why the government involves the school children for their public programs ?

    When ever the state or the Central government organizes big programs of great importance, their immediate target and audience would be the school children. For example the Swach Bharath Abhiyan started by Modi government has been involving school children, when ever the program is initiated across the country. Like wise the Telangana government has requisitioned the services of school children while planting the saplings across the state as part of Harithaharam program. Thus school chiildren are forced to forgo their man days and work for the government. How will you react.?
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    The teachers may be able to convince the students fast. That may be the reason these students will be the starting all the programs like that. Instead of children if they ask other people they may not participate so actively because they will have their own works and commitments. The office managers may not leave the employees to waste their productive time for these good causes. So participation will not be as expected. When you invite the children to start their teachers will have to follow them as there will not be anyone in the school to teach. If teachers are also accompanying them there will not be any risk to students as the teachers will take care of them. One day, if the student is not hearing the classes or teacher, is not teaching the classes no serious loss will be there. The parents also will not object as it makes no difference to them, Probably because of these reasons they may students to participate first.
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