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    Have you noticed when a forum is posted , if duplicate or has grammar error, the post gets deleted ?

    Have you ever keenly observed that our score and points get reduced drastically some times not because the editors are reviewing our old post and deleting them as not wanted anymore and thus loosing points and even cash credits. But when you post a new thread, the automatic system designed by our webmaster Tony shall review it and for that it takes few seconds and then if the similar post already exists in the system, the duplicate one is deleted and also the grammar error posts are not taken.?
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    No, I have not noticed the new system. As Mr. Mohan has said this, I will try to check it in future.
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    I have noticed the review of posts and deduction of points based on the quality of content being reflected on the following day, when the previous day total is less than what it ended at. I have seen some blanks (no titles) only with the name of the author sometimes. Grammar error posts I'm not sure, will see.

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    There is no such system in place. However, if the same post is repeatedly posted, only the first one will get saved.
    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Mr Mohan, now that your doubt has been cleared, can we lock this thread?
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    I have also not noticed such type of system anytime. Only concerned Editor will review the forum and take action as required. That is why it is taking some time for the article to go to rejection or pending list.
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    Ok the thread can be locked as the webmaster has clarified himself.
    K Mohan
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    Please do not raise such silly confusing threads. I was confused to answer your meaningless thread.

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    Mr. SuN: Most respectfully I would like to submit that Members would definitely raise such ''silly confusing'' (not my words) thread especially when they notice well-researched threads are being locked or are being sent to ''Pending'' Sub-section.
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    For me some issues are important and share with others. If for some if the thread may be funny and silly they may keep out.
    K Mohan
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    I am now locking this thread about a feature that does not exist in ISC.
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    Tony Sir has clarified that there is no such system, that the duplicate does not get saved. I thought it would be good to explain it in more detail & test it and so re-opened this thread to post a response about the test. I posted a thread with the title "It is what it is". Then I posted a second thread simultaneously right after that, with the exact same title. Immediately, the message on the screen appeared in red as follows -
    "You just posted a similar forum thread. Duplicate post is not saved.
    Go to Forums Index
    Go to Forum Category:"

    Then, I posted a thread with the title "It not what its is" with deliberately incorrect grammar. It got published (I deleted it later.)

    So, yes, a duplicate thread, if it has the exact same words as the first one, will not get published if submitted simultaneously. Only the first one will be published. Please note that this facility does not enable notification if a member is posting a thread with similar contents as an earlier thread. Moreover, there is no such thing that because the grammar is poor the thread will not get posted.

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