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    Indira Gandhi : The PM With Strong Political Will

    The nation is remembering Indira Gandhi, the first lady PM of independent India, on her 100th Birth anniversary. She was known for her strong political will in implementing decisions of national importance. She will be remembered for the following strong decisions marked epoch in the history of modern India.

    1. The decision of backing Bangladesh freedom movement and dividing Pakistan proved to be in favour of India immensely. This broke the power of Pakistan and enhanced the security of the country. Bangladesh is not a security threat as it was when united with Pakistan.

    2. The abolition of 'privy purses' paid to the former rulers of the princely states who signed the instrument of accession with independent India.

    3. Nationalisation of banks proved to be an economic milestone in strengthening the economy of the country. 14 banks were nationalised which were controlling the 85 percent of India's deposits.
    4.Nuclear explosion at Pokhran. This explosion gave a rightful place to India in the nuclear club of five major countries of the world.

    5. She was blamed for imposing emergency in the country. That was the darkest period of modern India. She was penalised for that. She lost power after that. But the shabby government of the Janata Party and subsequent governments installed her back into the saddle once again.

    6. Operation Blue- Star: The Indian military stormed into the premises of the Golden Temple in Amritsar to drive out the Sikh extremist religious leader, Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and his armed followers. Few months after the Operation Blue-Star, Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards.

    Except imposition of emergency, her career as the PM of India was a glorifying tenure for the country. I pay my homage to her. Forum members are invited to record their comments on this great leader of India.
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    Certainly she has proved to be the Iron lady with lots of guts, Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is always regarded with esteem high even by opposition parties. If she would have been alive now, Congress would have made formidable progress and the party presence would have been great in this vast country. After her death, even Rajiv Gandhi cannot keep the party in order and lots of dissent voices emanated. And after Rajiv Gandhi assassination, the Congress party further deteriorated with Rahul Taking the charge and relegated the party to regional level. And thus Congress has been suffering with personality cult lost with Indira Gandhi.
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    Day before yesterday, Mr. Jagadish Patro has raised a thread on Mrs. Indira Gandhi. We may discuss the matter there because the thread is stilll live. The Lead Editor may kindly consider locking this thread.
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    The lady who was once called "goongi Gudiya" for being the lady who couldn't speak in front of her cabinet minister and not taking the decision and still trying to lead became the Iron lady of India.
    The boldest decisions she took without thinking about the opinion of people, makes her one of the strongest women in the Indian History.And despite her big mistakes like emergency which she accepted later, she still is one of the most admired and inspirational political leaders and people remembers her for the reforms she made.
    Her slogans like "Garibi Hatao" has still very deep imprints of the minds of Indian people.
    I went to my village and heard one very old illitrate women who didn't have any knowledge about politics admiring and praising Indra Gandhi, and saying that "all the women who are now studying and enjoying such liberties happened all after Indra Gandhi became prime minister and bought reforms" though she is not much aware of any of the policies of Indra Gandhi, but this is the image of Indra Gandhi in her mind that she was the reason for educational reforms for women.
    And in many sense what the old lady said was not wrong because Indra Gandhi emerged as a source of inspiration for coming generation of women.

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    The role played by the Iron Lady in laying a strong foundation for the India today may please be discussed in this thread.

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