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    The role of the Family.

    The family is the informal means of education, It is the first school for the child. When a child is born it is the responsibility of the family to take care of the child. He/she develops good qualities in his/her family and his development also takes place in the family. He/She learns following things from the family. Social, Spiritual and Moral Education. The lesson of adjustment. The base of behaviour, development of emotion and love, Education of character and habits, Mental and emotional development, Development of love, Education of Co-operation, Education of serving others, Obedience and Discipline, Lesson of earning a livelihood. These days the children are admitted to Creches ( Palana house), then they are missing initial training from the families.
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    The family is a base for the child in this world. They learn many things from this base. Whether he will become a good citizen or antisocial will also depend on the family. If my father believes God, I will learn from him and I also will believe God except in very rare cases. If my parents taught me to go to the temple, I will practice it. If my parents help me in maintaining a good status in the society I can do that. So all our life path will be formed during our early days which we spend with our family. Our elder brothers, our elder sisters, parents will be our role models. They should act as teachers and should teach us the way of life. We should be able to see them and learn all good qualities from them. If the father drinks liquor in the house the son also will come with an empty glass to him. If he is a smoker the son will ask him to give the lighter once for lighting his cigar. So the habits, the behaviour and the nature of an individual will depend a lot on the family. So if we are good our children are also good. Parents should watch the children keenly and see that they will not go into the wrong direction.
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    Starting first from the mother slowly the child feels the security from the close family. It is in this secure environment that child starts learning-by imitating the other members of the family.
    However just as mother's milk alone is not sufficient for the child's full growth into an adult, the child needs lessons from outside the family too. In this situation Creches ( Palana house) also help with their role. The child learns about a world other than its family, it comes to see and observe other children's behaviour, language etc. Thus its knowledge gets to expand.
    But even at this stage the child should get its attention and security from family so that it does not stray away from right things nor steps into indiscipline.

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    Family is where life begins. It is the base, our support, our confidence and our happiness. Family plays a vital role in our life.
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    Family plays an important roles in our life. We cannot imagine a good and suitable life without family. it gives confidence and support to improve .
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    Nice thread initiated by the author. For every child the first five years are very crucial as they would be learning every intricacies of life step by step and that is taught by none other than the mothers. But some children are deprived of their nurture by mother citing reason as working women. The more the children drink the mothers milk and play with her, the more the child learns on daily basis very fast. Remember, every good move of the child is first known to the mother, and then to the father. She is the witness of child's first talk, first walk, first turning around and so on.
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    Family is very important in the first few years of the child's growth. Parents, grandparents, uncles,aunts,siblings all are teachers to the child at home. So, in many ways you are correct, home is the first school and family are the first teachers for the child. There are many things that define the moral character and views that a child should have in the society and family inputs are high on that list. Children are master imitators, they imitate their father, elder sister or brother, their mannerisms, behaviours etc. At home the opportunities for learning are endless and literally happens at anytime.We can teach them good manners,right and wrong, how to respect elders, teachers, how to help others. Of course children taken away from the home environment do loose this chance, hopefully the present day creches have better facilities and can teach some aspects of what the child can learn from the family.
    It is equally important that we do not fight verbally or physically or shout often in front of children as it has an profound impact on how the react and retain the same sad memories in their later life.

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    The family is the most important part for all. People of our family give us love, care, and respect. The one thing you said is they are the "Base of the behavior". It is our family that helps us to maintain and follow a good behavior. They teach us how to behave and understand the other people. Family teaches us manners and responsibilities. We are responsible towards our parents, and even towards our friends.
    Family serves as a backbone for everyone's life.

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