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    Google Doodle celebrates Rukhmabai Raut’s 153rd Birthday

    Rukhmabai Raut was not a familiar name until today. Google made it familiar by celebrating her birthday with a doodle. She was born in 1864 and first woman in India to practice medicine in UK. She served the society as doctor until the age of 90. In her early age she broke all the norms in the society framed for women in the male dominated world. She was also the first women in India to file the divorce case and against her husband who did not want her to practice medicine and married her out of compulsion. She was living alone until the age of 91 contributing her services to medicine field. Director Ananth Mahadevan is honouring her by filming a biopic of Dr Rukhmabai in Marathi, English, Hindi and Gujarati with actress Tannishtha Chatterjee as Dr Rukhmabai and the film is expected to have a wide release soon.

    Hats off to Rukhmabai who lived her life all alone to pursue her passion to perform the service of a dedicated physician and active social reformer till her last breath at 91 and thanks to Google for bringing such a person to limelight on her 153rd birthday.
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    I am very happy to know about Rukhmabai Raut, who is not well known in India for many. Now Google has brought her name into the limelight and through this thread, we are able to know about this great lady. A doctor who fought against the male-dominated society by living separately and rendering medical services to the needy up to her age of 91 years. We all should be thankful to Google for bringing our such personalities through theirGoogle doodle.
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    One more thread has been trending in this forum on same subject " Rukhmabi Raut: A women ahead of her times ", so editors may decide which one to keep and which one to be deleted.
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    As stated in forum " Have you noticed when a forum posted is duplicate or has grammar error,the post gets deleted", I hope the thread that is first posted will be saved.

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