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    Let's revive the Guess The Author contest!

    With our forum back to its good old buzzing days, how about reviving the Guess The Author (GTA) contest? It was halted due to the very poor participation, but I feel that, since now we have a lot of new exuberant members, perhaps we will get better participation (and I am the "never-give-up-girl" as I stated once!)

    For those new to the concept, this is how it works: I randomly select a group of members to be authors, these being those who participate in the forum section. I contact them individually via email, asking them if they wish to be authors for the contest. Those who are willing (it is not mandatory) will then be given a topic by me, on which they need to write a title and a little text (a limited number of sentences.) I then provide the list in the contest announcement thread & participants need to guess who wrote which title & its text, sending me their replies to my email. Authors are also allowed to participate, to guess the other authors. At no time will the selected authors give even a hint that they have been approached to write the text and there will be no communication between them or with others or with me via the ISC messaging system. All communication with me will be done via email only.

    So how about it? Are you game for GTA? Should it be only titles or both, titles and text with it? Do give your suggestions.
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    I am excited and am interested to participate in the contest. This would be my first GTA. These kind of contests bring out good connections between members.
    The hardest level would be guessing by the title alone. How about you divide the contest into easy, medium and tough levels?
    Easy level will be a whole thread by the author. Medium would be a title with fewer lines and the tough level with title alone.

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    It would be hard to guess just alone with the title but yes, if we have both, we can somewhat have an idea who the author is, as now we are a bit familiar with their style of writing.

    This contest is the first time for me, so yes I am excited to participate.

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    Excellent news. Sounds like a guess who contest. We can do it. I think it would better to be based on text only. Title alone may sound difficult except for threads from Mr.Partha, who always comes up with unique,creative original titles for his threads.

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    I am ready to participate in this contest, if allowed. In my opinion, title along with a small paragraph is necessary for identification.
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    I am happy to know about this contest. I never heard this. By reading the title and the content we have to make a guess of the author and inform the ME. Ok. Sounds good. I am also interested to participate in the contest. What is the system of rewarding in this contest is not explained? I will try my hand in this contest also if the ME gives me a chance.
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    I am happy to welcome this contest. I feel the titles alone need be given. In case a topic happens to be confusing a short explanation may be given. Of course the size of the content must be limited to a reasonable size, neither too large nor too small. Looking forward to see the opening of the programme.

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    All can participate; it is not a question of "if allowed" as far as participation (guessing the author) goes. It is the authors who will be selected from the forum section. Please see this previous version of GTA .

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    Interesting contest. I am ready to participate. In my opinion To guess the author a title and a small description is required.

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    Great that the guess the author contest is being revived after many months. Last even I have participated and the contest was full of guesses and fun. Please proceed and I am in.
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    Nice to see you reviving the old good game. I am ready to participate in your great GTA contest. I suggest that we should have a long title (say 10 words) and a brief text containing not more than 100 to 150 words. Waiting to shoot.

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    Good to know that the 'Guess the author contest' is being revived. I suggest that nominated members should be asked to put in a text along with the title.
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    Nice thing. I am also new to it. It will be very interesting to find out the author by guessing.

    Another interesting thing is once the authors are conscious that they will be writing a piece of prose which others will be reading to find out the author, they will naturally be more composed and serious and in that case it will be slightly a more difficult task to guess correctly.

    Anyway let us have the real fun.

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    It seems like a nice thought, I assume it would be little hard to guess whose write up it is , but in any way we will all enhance our creativity and learning.
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    Now I suggest what should be the contest. The title should be one and common to all the authors, but the summary should be different from different authors.
    For e.g. If 'Elephant' is the title, various authors will write about an elephant in various ways. One subject and different writers. This would be a tough contest to win.

    You may also conduct another contest "GTAOTT' (Guess The Author Of The Title). In this, you should give a long paragraph in the forum itself and ask the members to give a title for it to your e-mail ID, and ask the members to give the name of the author who gave the title. This will be quite interesting.

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    Sounds interesting and would like to guess the author. Title alone will be extremely difficult, so I suggest a small text along with it.
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    I feel it needs a title plus a small para at least (like a summary) to have a good guess.

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    Now that the reception is pretty well , can we know when the contest will happen?
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    Happy with this update!
    I have participated last time and will be happy to try my hand again in the same.
    Title and a small paragraph is the minimum requirement to guess the author as only "Title" will make it quite difficult because many times the "Titles" are inspired by many other factors than the own writing skills.


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    Thanks, everyone, for the very positive feedback. I will draw up a list of members to approach to be authors & those agreeable will be required to submit both a title and brief text. I liked Aditya's concept of having it with different levels. So we could have 2 contests with a separate contest for guessing only from the title, with no text. Apart from prizes for the two individual contests, we could have a special reward for the top scorers with maximum points from both contests combined. That would induce more participation, I think!

    The easy level which Aditya suggested - I did have a contest where one member submitted another member's title and text, with members not knowing it was so; only during the contest announcement the links to the threads were given & participants had to guess who was the real author. That was really extra effort for me, but nevertheless huge fun! I did enjoy the whole idea of confusing participants!! However, participants thought it was far too convoluted and to keep it simple. Hence it got changed to having a contest with only the title.

    Give me some time, as it may take a week or so to put everything in place. I will post a thread once I have come up with the list of authors to alert them to check their email in-box. Then you will get regular updates as we go along, like it was done earlier, that the topics were sent, submissions received, etc. and finally the actual contest announcement.

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    Thank you so much Vandana for hearing out my proposal. I just hope I get to win now.
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    I am excited and ready to participate in the contest. I am also new for this concept. I will try in the competition.
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    I am in for the competition and really excited about it last time it was a bit difficult to guess as there were very few members active at that time but now I hope that guessing will be a bit easy as there are so many active members with their unique writing styles.
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    Very interesting and I hope it will be a nice attempt by many new members like me. Such novel things keep members interested and provide a much needed change from the usual things in ISC.
    I wait for it.

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    So this is how we will go about it -
    1. There will be 2 contests, GTA 1: guess the title author & GTA 2: guess the text author.
    2. The selected authors will each get a different topic, for which they should send me both, the title and the text. That is, the same authors will be writing for both the contests.
    3. Each contest's participants will get points and cc as a reward for correct guesses. There will be two main prizes for each contest, for guessing all-correct/maximum. Only if a minimum of ten entries come in, then more prizes will be considered.
    4. To win the bumper prize, you must participate in both contest 1 and contest 2. The total number of correct guesses across both contests will determine the winner of the bumper prize.
    5. Like earlier, there will be an easy question for the authors only, as a bonus for their effort.

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    Just to let everyone know - I have made a list of topics and have a list of member-authors, too. There is an abundance of riches as far as the latter goes! So I've decided to add a few more to the list. I will now close this thread and once I've started off sending mails to the authors, will post a thread for updates & queries. Quite excited to organize this contest!
    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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