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    Do you think that foreign languages should be removed from CBSE school syllabus?

    For India to fit better into the world stage, it is important that we understand how others think, speak and act. And there is no better way than to do it in the language of that country. Our children are our future and we should give them the skills to learn about others. Available languages tend to be the popular ones – Spanish, German, French. Maybe we should also include others like Chinese and Russian. CBSE as the premier board should set the standard and in fact promote more languages
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    Yes,adding foreign languages to the existing syllabus is important . But we cannot hope that the students can learn three or more languages at a time.
    We cannot learn more than three languages at a stretch. And it isn't merely the basics, even grammar is taught to the students.
    Overwhelming languages can hinder their growth in subjects.
    So one primary language and one foreign language would be enough.

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    Learning foreign languages is good. But already the language system is existing in our country. In addition to that one more language may become overdose to the student. So we should think where to accommodate this. In many universities, there are part-time courses and night college courses for foreign languages. While doing our graduation or post graduation if we join these courses it will become easy. The people who are interested will study this course. If some people think that the course is not useful they may not study. By doing this we are not increasing the burden on the student. These part-time courses can be more popularised and increased so that people will know about and try to get the advantage by doing the course. Wy only foreign languages, even in our country we have many languages we can learn those languages also. I think it will be a better idea than forcing a subject on the children in their schools.
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