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    Actions of the intermediaries affect the principal.

    In many situations, the actions of intermediaries affects the principal. So the intermediaries should do the task in a legal manner or in the manner so that not affecting the principal or others.

    In a marriage hall the misbehaviour of one single person will affect whole marriage party including the contractor.

    During my marriage, the barat, jaanvas was through a pucca main road. To my surprise all buses and vehicles silently followed ours without any horning or urgency. But I saw a marriage barat in a main road of a major city yesterday evening but the parties made public feared with their sound crackers. Everybody on the road scolded them.

    Similarly a deadbody procession went on the road today by spreading flower bits almost throwing on others and some were fallen on the people sitting in the buses crossing there. Everybody scolded them as if the concerned is responsible.
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    As long as the society is cordial with us, there are no problems and we can exercise our own right and perform actions at our will. But the trouble starts when one person stands against the injustice and soon every one shall follow him and support. Normally in Hyderabad the ladies seats are reserved in front rows and they wont come in back side like wise gents wont go there. But due to urgency some ladies do board the bus from back side and we have to give them the way to pass and get in side to their area. And by mistake if our body touches their body, then the way she looks at us would be terrible as if we are inviting her to trouble.
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    This post reflects civic sense and people's attitude, the unsaid rules we follow so that we keep public places clean and we mind our own business without disturbing others. Marriage processions have become bigger, roads have become smaller and crowded, I personally feel it's unsafe to walk on the edges of groups following the decorated car and dancing people especially in the evenings. There are loud music and crackers on both occasions, as long as the disturbance is minimal then it's fine. When it interferes with people on the streets or common areas then it becomes more of a nuisance. I'm surprised that the public spoke out because often people keep quiet with respect to the departed soul or the happy occasion that few minutes of discomfort doesn't anger them too much.

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    When something is delegated or entrusted to others, the one who is responsible should evaluate the possibilities of errors and lapses and the capabilities and drawbacks of the person to whom the work is entrusted.
    The law is also clear in this regard that the principal is responsible for the actions of his agent.
    So a principal should know well to whom a particular task can be given.

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    yes. It is true if any middle person has done a mistake it will reflect badly on the principal. It is correct by any means. When we want somebody to perform an act to the satisfaction of a particular person if he does it and there are no complaints means the work is done in a proper manner. If the same work is not done as thought causing embarrassment to the other party it will come and fall the main person heavily. When we go on leave by handing over the works to be carried out during our absence to a subordinate, if he does any mistake, the trouble we have to face after coming back can't be imagined. That is why I always say that any important work we should see that it will be done during our involvement so that we can see that works will go as planned. One thing a good citizen should keep in mind is his acts should not cut into the rights of the fellow human beings. As an individual it is our right to celebrate and feel happy. At the same time, the interest of the other person should also be taken care.
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