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    Gesturing Namaste in swag style. Is that ok for you ?

    Now a days, youth are very much diverting their attention to new ways of addressing people and new ways of writing on the internet. If one gets the new idea, he would pass on the same to other friends and thus one new idea would become trending subject on internet. The latest one being greeting the fellow persons with Namaste in swag style. Swag is the dance format of raising two hands not touching the body and gesturing many things through actions which are easily understandable to opposite person and now Namaste format is also included in this. Any comment ?
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    I don't know what is swag style. Namaste can be said or shown in any manner. But while saying Namaste to others, there should be a good smile on our face which would please the party receiving the Namaste, and they would reciprocate the Namaste in the same way.
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    I am not aware of this Swag style. There are many ways to wish the people. Some people will say hallow. Some will say namaste. Some will do namaste with both the hands bringing together. Some will do with one hand. Different people and different styles. Some people will shake hands. Different cultures and different ways. the important point here is wishing the other person and greeting him with a smile on the face is important. When somebody is wishing us we will feel happy and reciprocate the same. That is good manners. But some people think that they are very big and just shook their head which indicates that the other person is more egoistic Even the other person is a small man when he wishes you reciprocating the wish is a good gesture and gives more happiness to the other person and it will give a high image of the person also.
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    It seems nice. Even I am not aware of it. I would love to see if there is really a swag style in a trend that too for Namaste gesture. In dancing, there are ways to do "Namaste" or to end the dance with a nice style to thank people for watching.
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    There are many means for swag on the internet. I'm not aware of this new swag style. Namaste, a traditional way of greeting someone with folded hands or just uttering the words in a friendly tone and with a friendly face has more meaning, especially to elders and visitors. We slowly have moved away from Namaste to hi or a handshake, now a new change may be like hi bro or hey bro, the new youth may like this. I'm yet to see this, then I can decide whether I like it or not.

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    Swag is a style of doing anything. What was fashion earlier has been termed as swag.Namaste is greeting or welcoming someone. In India this gesture has been followed since ages, I suppose. It is a respectful greeting.Namaskar also is the same.
    What does it matter if namaste is with a swag. Everything is happening with a swag these days.
    It is just a way of expressing oneself.people find new ways and are influenced by the place where one lives. Hai, namaste, vannakam, sasriyakal are different ways of expressing in their language.

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