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    World at your fingertips or an invitation for identity theft?

    The smartphone has become an extension of your hands and literally our identity. We use it often for correspondence, social sites, banking activities and paid services like booking a cab, movie tickets, home deliveries etc. At every step, we give out important details like date of birth, emails, usernames, bank account numbers and now our Aadhaar card number.

    But how safe is our personal data? Uber, today is in the news for covering up a major data theft related to 57 million users. This includes people like us who book a cab service via the app.Since the potential loss of brand value was high, the company paid 1,00,000 dollars to hackers to delete all this and hush up the matter.Now the company says 'we will learn from our mistakes'. There would be many companies like Uber that hold our data

    If it happens in the West with stringent regulations in place, it looks to me that we, in India would be more vulnerable as all it takes is one or a handful of individual who can give our data away for some easy money.

    (Uber data theft and report is from the USA)
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    This is really a serious issue to which government of India must give detailed hearing. Government has been stressing and asking people to go digital and in the process asking us to share the Aadhaar card number details to even private companies and departments. From the information shared by the author, what a layman like me understands that , what ever we share in internet or even our smart phone which is always social media ready, our data and even our personal contact numbers and bank pass words can be stolen and that was reported by the author. In that case we cannot store anything in computer or on smart phone ?
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    It is really a very big problem. We are using so many apps on our phone. When you install these apps on our mobile we will allow the app to axis all the information on our phone. Indirectly we are authorising them to see all our details and confidential matters. That is a real risk. Especially in a country like ours this is a big problem and our regulations rules will be not as strict as western countries and the culprit can go free without much problem. So the government should do the lot of work and see that the systems will be in place to punish the culprits in these cyber crimes. Otherwise, the digital operations will become very difficult. Many people do not even don't understand what happened to their information that is available on the phones.
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    I am much scared about the hidden dangers in the internet and all connected technology facilities. It is because of this I use only very less apps in my phone. But still day by day 'hidden and invisible in the background' activities are happening about which we laymen have no knowledge at all.

    Stealing of digital data is more worse and dangerous that the theft of physical assets.

    It is with this fear lurking in the background that I had posted a response today on a forum thread related to use of Aadhaar in IRCTC ticket booking. In the overuse of Aadhaar, we forget the wise adage 'no to put all eggs in one basket'.

    Regarding the internet and connected technology we laymen are simply groping in the dark. at the maximum on a dimly lit crowded alley.

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