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    If internet crashes on the whole, will it cause a great impact than a natural disaster?

    In the present scenario we can't even think of living a day without internet. Internet has become a primary necessity in every lives starting from a kid to aged people. When a natural disaster occur, it causes impact only to the affected areas, what if the whole internet server crash?

    With the improvement in technology we are now fully dependent on internet starting from daily food to money. Even the food suppliers rely on internet for ordering and shipping the products. There will be no options for communication via mail, social media etc and people should turn to old communication mediums like telegram and fax. There will no online bank transactions and you have to wait in a long queue for hours for withdrawing your hard earned money. Most of the companies rely heavily on the internet, will all the companies stop operating? The rate of unemployment will increase as employees and employers depend on internet to find suitable career and the resources. Booking a ticket for transportation with a finger tip would be impossible then and there will no choices for entertainment that we enjoy now.

    Can't we really live without internet? Are there any possibilities for such an internet crash in real world?
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    Heard rumors about Y2K? I was three years old in 2000 and my mother already told me that the earth is going to end.
    What do you think caused that uproar? Internet wasn't at large back then yet people suspected that civilization would be wiped out. Because the computers, weren't made with millienia in mind. We were thinking when the clock hits 12 and when its finally 2000, computers round the world would stop working. It sounded logical too at that time with limited knowledge about computers.

    But today, everything from our storage to our navigation depends largely on internet.
    Imagine there is no internet from tomorrow.
    All of a sudden citizenship won't matter.
    All of a sudden your memory stored on cloud storage is gone forever.
    No news. No connectivity. No navigation. No transport.
    Chaos will be everywhere.
    The civilization as we know it, will end.
    We might go back to the 1800s period.
    But humanity isnt that reliant on internet yet.
    Can't tell the same about future.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Excellent topic, What if scenario.It would be a doomsday scenario affecting literally everyone across the world that has something to do with internet would get affected first.The most important would be the critical decisions related to security, health, finance, and commerce sectors wherein orders, updates and alerts have to pass along the chain of command up and down. Then would be the online services and sectors that do tele-practice ( for instance telemedicine or teleconsultations in other sectors) that get shut down. Like this, there would many largescale service sectors that would get hit.

    For the common man, life would certainly change. Access to knowledge, solutions, warnings, alerts would cease and we have to find other means. News good or bad would be slow to reach our ears.We would have to rely more on hard cash, hard copies of documents and identity papers etc.

    The superficial foundation of the modern world would be shaken but I think we will live. At least our postman would be happier, telephone lines would be busy, post offices would be busy, radios will be back into fashion, the art of letter writing would be revived and so on.

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    If the internet crashes, yes there will be a huge impact, much more than what we can comprehend or calculate, even if the internet is down for few seconds, the losses are in millions in IT sectors and transactions happening across the globe is huge in numbers. That's only the monetary loss but if the downtime is forever, then it can affect the very livelihood of the people. Many people will lose their job and organizations will shut down.

    Will it be worse than the natural disaster? I would say no, because, natural calamity is nature's fury and nothing can withstand nature's fury, a life lost cannot be revived but an internet connection can be substituted and man can survive this, it won't be the end of the world. Stone age man could survive without internet so why not us? It might be difficult but we are alive and breathing we can keep inventing and find many substitutes but natural disaster is a greater disaster.

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    Yes the whole world is doing its daily routines and business through internet and we are greatly and more depended on it. If the Internet crashes for the reasons best known to the soft ware engineers, the loss across the world cannot be estimated. In fact we have seen some old movies where there Pralay takes place and the Universe becomes stale and stopped. The rivers wont flow, the water falls wont fall and the water would be dangling in air and so on. Such kind of situation would be faced in our lives. Banks would be closed, no office, no trains, no flights, no buses. Ultimately each would be discussing and debating and can do nothing.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A very good imagination. Life without internet can't be imagined these days. Many people these days are surviving in the IT sector jobs. For all these jobs internet is the heart. Without that those Organisations can't exist. Imagine a situation that all IT companies are closed how many people will be on the roads without any way to earn. So many colleges producing so many engineers what they will do. The whole world will travel back to 18th century or 19th century. Of course, people will not die. We lived even without current in the house. We lived without cell phones. We lived without computers. We will go back to those days. But no sooner the systems will be restarted or reinstalled or reorganised or re\done and internet will be back in the system. That way the problems we face may be temporary and quickly we will be back to normal. so I think we may suffer a little for a while but the human being is wise enough to comeback to his original best without loosing much.
    always confident

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    In India now Aadhaar card has become the Aadhaar(base and fundamental) for our existence and survival. That Aadhaar is existing and surviving on internet.
    So if internet crashes we all will in all the underlining essence cease to exist and survive.

    All other factors come next only.

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    I don't think that internet will crash forever. Arrangements have been made to have back ups to restore and be back to our deeds and deals. Every important organization has its own network servers and good back up system. We will overcome the crash within few hours after its occurrence. It won't be like tsunami or earthquake or heavy flood. We will survive and resume our work, but little late.
    No life without Sun

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    Internet is a very vast and gigantic thing which is composed of so many servers and so many networks and so many computers in so many different geographical location that it is very difficult to conjecture that it will collapse simultaneously at every place.

    Still if it happens then it will be a total disaster. So many things are computerised and totally automated and continuously connected to internet.They all will come to a halt and as we do not have a parallel manual system of servicing, everything will come to a stand still position.

    It may be an imagination but if it happens it will be very fearful.

    Knowledge is power.

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    There is one scenario wherein legally it can be done in a nation. SOP 303: This emergency wireless protocol is one wherein in the event of a national crisis the internet used by commercial and private wireless networks can be shut down and restored later.

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