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    Do you think technology takes away your family time?

    Do you think technology takes away your family time?

    I feel yes, at least in the case of some. I once read a facebook post by my friend, where she has mentioned ' I wish I could be my husband's laptop'. The reason being, his work does not get done at office, as he has a laptop, he is expected to work from home as well. This robs the family time.

    Mobile phones, online games, televisions etc have taken away the family time. These are required in today's world, but spending too much time either for fun or for completing your office work is not a good thing. Family feels avoided, hence be with them, play with them, talk to them and join with them in the household chores. They value the little things we do for them.
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    This post reminds me of few occasions. One is again a whatsapp forwarded funny message.

    When an angel asked the wife, what she wanted as a boon and after her many replies about her husband to be so close to her, the angel has changed the wife to be a smartphone. That is what happens now that every other second people are unconsciously touching the smartphone screen to see what is happening.

    Another article I read, the smartphone addiction is more and no other items we have used so far did not have this much addiction of 24x7.

    Thirdly when the actress Kushboo told about while quitting twitter(though there may be other reasons) that it is taking almost all the time by replying and following.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    It is a very common complaint these days. But in some houses, there are no complaints. Why, you know. This is because everybody in the house is busy with their technology tools. Huband will sit on Laptop, the wife will be on Facebook, the son will be on Whatsapp and daughter will be on the smartphone. So no complaints. This is one way if we make others also busy with these items there will not be any complaint about you for spending time on the computer. Many of us will be spending a lot of time on computers. It is true. But it is not advisable. We should give some time to our family members also. In my house what we do is night dinner time is kept common for all. During dinner no smartphone or any other activity. All of us will almost spend an hour are so on dinner discussing and talking various points. Another point we follow is we all should go to a movie weekly once. If no good movie goes to a place and spends time there. Monthly once we all go together to eat outside. That is how we spend some time together for family and with family.
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    I agree with this thread, In modern era we have no much time to spend with family due to many reasons. Technology is one of the main reason for takes away from your family time. it is not only social medias we have a large number of technology that takes away us from our family such as television, mobiles, video games etc.
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    Yes more the gadgets we have more we are inclined to be with it or using it and therefore invariably we are neglecting the time for the family and keep ourselves busy with programs and information. I do agree that modern gadgets has become part and parcel of life and we have to use them wisely, not disturbing our own schedule and the time of others. Especially children want to spend time with us. If we are busy with phone or computer, they get disheartened and wont share anything with us in future. I shall balance my work, my time to social media and my time to the family.
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    Yes would be the answer in most cases.Every aspect of our life is somehow or the other intertwined to technology, cooking, reading,working,enjoying music etc. It is so addictive that we feel incomplete if we have not spent time on the internet, laptop, mobile, tab etc. Along with hardware options we have software attractions too. An excellent game, interactive program, website, free download movies, social groups of twitter,facebook,what' app, the list is endless but time is finite and limited. Many of us have full working days and children have schools, after school classes, tuitions etc. So, what little family time they have at home together, they need to allot some from that to technology and end up doing the reverse. We need to reduce the time spent on these gadgets both children and adults so that it does not lead to further family issues.Now, small kids do not eat without a mobile in their hands, children do not play much as they have their own tabs, adults do not speak much to each other and children because they have their laptops and social groups.

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    I completely agree. Technology has taken up everything from a human being. The family time is no more with family but with the important gadgets for us like mobiles and television. One basic example is the internet. Mobile time has become the first and foremost priority for every individual. Even children today cannot survive without mobiles, they would start crying and the parents to give them. A human today cannot survive with a human happily. In order to remain happy also, they need a machine. That machine could be an electronic gadget, the forms are different, it could be tablet, notebook, Macbook. A video game is what children need. Almost everyone is dependent on machines.
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    Technology does not take away the choice you have. It may loom large over you or intimidate you but you as a person has the choice to control it, or let tech control you, or go in-between. If everyone in the home is into technology, the home can agree to keep a certain time slot for interactions, without phones/tablets etc. Or, they can always meet online to have that bonding time, and then disappear into cyberspace. It just depends on how people handle modern developments. It is simply no good to reject it because it seemingly addicts people into it. There are always ways to work around or use technology to accomplish family bonding and the like. The young children who are savvier will be thrilled to include older folks who show interest in their interests. Both sides will benefit. Even if the family members are spread across different locations, the interactions can happen. It will be a bit different but of no less value.

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    yes, indeed technology takes away our family time. We are normally busy with the daily day to day routine whether schools, colleges or jobs and remaining time in which we can spend some quality time we spent it on our smartphones and internet. Even watching television was a family activity once but now with the advent of smartphones everyone can watch it on their own and have created a personal space and this personal space has grown to very large extent that there is very little room left for the family.
    The family doesn't even have a meal together these days because the only time at which the whole family can gather is night time but that is spent totally over our smartphones- checking WhatsApp messages or some other sensation over the internet.
    For every little thing, people are seen posting selfing and showing the world that how much they are enjoying but actually they are not enjoying or spending the quality time they are just too much focused on how they will be seen in the dp's of WhatsApp or Facebook. How good their face is looking on the selfi and what status they need to update.
    So overall our personal space inside these technical gadgets and world has become so big but it doesn't have a small corner to accommodate family in it

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    No. I am of the opinion is that technology has enabled people to save time from the stereotype manual chores.
    However, where the problem happened is that the time saved by use of one sort of technology is not used for the family get together or family tie-ups, but for spending on some other newer technology.
    That is why we feel technology takes away family time.

    The time saved by using mixers grinder and pressure cookers and refrigerators were used to view soap serials in TV. The time saved by using email,(saved time from writing, visiting post office etc ) saved by computer jobs(type, copy,paste,print,save) in comparison to manual typing, is used for viewing online movies, chats , blogs etc. Online purchases and orders have saved time from food preparation,and that also is used for online or offline entertainments.
    Very rarely only the saved time is used for family purposes.

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    Venkiterswaran sir, you are indirectly agreeing with the thread. The time saved by some technological devices is spend equally or more on other technological devices, it basically means we do spend more time on these gadgets overall and it encroaches on family time. More the gadgets, more is the temptation and availability to spend time with devices rather than family members.

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    I totally agree with the author. I saw in my brother's house once I went there with my wife that in the evening my brother went inside of one room immediately returning from office and sat with his laptop. We were just sitting in the hall. He came out only in the dinner time. We were waiting after dinner for his daughter who normally comes home by 10 pm. As many days passed in seeing her we waited till her arrival. To our shock she came by 10.30 and by saying formal 'hi' to us just went inside of another room and not come out till morning. Morning my brother was busy with his mobile and his daughter came out of the room dressed well and gone out by saying another 'hi'. My brother's wife told as everything available in her workplace she does not expect any from home . By seeing this got vexed I and my wife packed off by just saying thanks to my brother's wife.

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