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    Feedback about Grammarly software - share your experience here

    Would you like to share your experience about using Grammarly, offered by ISC to its members? Share your input in this thread.

    When I raised a thread on Grammarly someone felt that it is repetition but ME has explained that it is about usage and how it is helpful and how members feel using Grammarly.

    Now again I am raising this because I got a mail from Grammarly and it is really another surprise that it gives us about the feedback of our own usage and even it is giving a badge after every week's activity. I am really feeling good to see my usage feedback and badge.

    Members may share their experience and badges received. This is again I have got it through ISC only as I have downloaded through ISC.
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    Yes Saroja,
    It gives immense pleasure to see the results announced by grammarly. It clearly indicates the number of mistakes we have committed and corrected. Grammarly is great at ISC.

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    This is news to me. I am yet to receive any mail from Grammarly. Do they give suggestions for improvement also?
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    It is correct. After some time you will be getting emails from them to purchase their product which is having advanced features.
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    They give you weekly report and there are different levels that you can reach, I have reached the 22nd level, the report is crisp and funky. In each level, you will be unlocking a new feature. They do send promotional emails to make it premium.

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    I am also receiving emails from them. They are sending the weekly report. They are advising us to go for an advanced version of Grammarly for which we have to make a payment. In that weekly report, they are mentioning what are our activities and how we have utilised this software.
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    Yes, Grammarly is really a fantastic tool for improving writing skills for beginners like me who have so many grammatical flaws in their writing.
    But writing daily with its help I am improving these flaws day by day and hope to improve more in the future too.
    But I want to know about this allotting badges is this available for only premium members because I am using its free version.

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    I have found this beneficial as there are mistakes that are highlighted more often when I compare before and after using grammarly. it's good like an autocorrect application where in you don't need to often press the right click button to change. Initially to see the reports of mine, it was disappointing, many simple mistakes and the break up bar diagram showed my how much I need to focus on.The weekly report is like a feedback given when we learn something, do we need to focus more or have we really improved. Sometimes, when there are many errors, a message shows up,consider using premium as the errors are numerous. This is very much useful for people who type a little fast and have some mistakes because of their typing speed also. I hope i don't have the need to buy the premium version.

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    It's nice. I have not received any badge. But I am happy using this tool, it is very helpful and even help to improve English. It also helps to use correct prepositions, conjunctions, punctuation marks and help you make sensible sentences.
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