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    Habit of taking bath in the morning.

    we are all, at least many of us, are now grown up. Our day may not be starting with a bath. But what about our childhood days ? How many of us had the habit of taking a bath in the morning before taking breakfast when we were children. In my family all of us had to take bath before eating anything. My parents, grand parents and my brothers and sister were in the habit of bathing in the morning. And in our house we had a pond in which we dip ourselves. After that we go to the temple adjacent to our house. Only after this we return to house and take breakfast.
    Only if physically not well this routine would change. In the evening also after playing with friends we went to pond for another bath. Thus most of the days we children used to clean ourselves twice
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    Bathing is related to the availability of water. People who stay near a river or lake or pond may take regular bath in the morning and in the evening. What about those who need to carry water from a long distance? In my childhood days, we lived near the bank of river Tamirabharani which is known as southern Ganga. My father used to take me to the river in the morning, and my mother used to take me to the river in the evening. Thus I was very clean as a child. When I grew up, we were living near a sea shore where bathing was not possible in the salt water. My bath was restricted to once in the morning before going to school. In the evening, I wash my face, hands and legs with the water available to us. While I was employed, I was regular to take bath in the morning and evening. After my retirement, my bath is restricted to once in a day as convenient to me.
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    We had a thread on why should we take a bath, As children, we were forced to have a bath first thing in the morning and then everything, only on Sundays and on haircut days the time would change. In rural areas and away from cities, it would have been lovely to have a bath in the pond or river stream everyday. Once in a week, it would have been a head bath day with the oil first, then a green herbal hair powder and then shiakkai powder.

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    In the primary section, our school started at 6.30 a.m. I (along with my brother) used to return at 10.30 a.m. and then used to take bath. In the secondary section and higher secondary section, our school started at 10.30 a.m. We used to go to school after taking bath at 9.30 a.m. During college days and university days also, I used to do the same.

    During evening, we didn't take bath except on those days we had to take out our football or cricket ball from the adjacent drains. However, we had to wash our hands and legs thoroughly before commencing our evening studies.

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    Well for those who live in villages where there are lakes and ponds, there would be inordinate delay in having bath daily, as they have to wait for the sun to rise and also wait for others to accompany to finish the bath. But in cities we are having tight schedule of our works on daily basis and we cannot waste time. For me having bath daily between 4 to 5 am is the practice in all days over the years. I feel very refreshed and also does puja at the Brahma Muhurtham time, ie before sun rise and that is considered and liked by Gods. So the atmosphere would be tranquil without any disturbance from any one.
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    Taking bath regularly is a practice in our house. Early morning we will have our bath, then go for some puja and prayers then only we will have our coffee or tea, as the case may be. In the evening after returning from duty, again we will have a bath go for a small prayer. This is the routine we all will have in our house. My father, all my brothers and my sons, all of us will follow the same routine. Even when we are not well we will not stop talking bath we will not go for head bath those times. Even during my visits to China and America also I have not stopped this practice. Without a bath, we are not supposed to eat in our house. This is a point for all. Even today all my brothers and sisters families follow this system. These days taking bath is a very common habit and everybody will take their bath daily without fail.
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