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    He is very successful in his profession: He earns more than Rs. one lakh every month

    He was born in Jodhpur. But later he shifted to Khargaon in Madhya Pradesh. He lost his legs in his childhood. But he had learnt driving without his original legs. Now he goes to work driving his own car. He goes to work at Navgarh temple, because he works just outside this temple. After working there for almost 12 hours, he returns to his car. He lives in his car along with six other members of his family. He doesn't have any permanent residence at Khargaon.

    Mohammad Rafiq. This man has reached the pinnacle of his profession even without his legs. He earns approximately Rs. 3500/- per day totaling more than Rs. one lakh per month.

    Great news! But what is his profession? Don't be astonished. Rafiq earns Rs. one lakh per month simply by begging at Navgarh temple at Khargaon, Madya Pradesh.
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    You have disclosed only one known beggar. But there are much more beggars who are unknown and invisible to us. Begging is a legal profession approved by the public. In Tamil there is a saying - Ayyammittu unn. Means - Give alms and then eat. Most of us wait for the beggars to feed and get blessed. We feel that God could come to our home in the image of a beggar to bless us. So beggars are Godly figures.

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    Really astonishing fact but I don't understand why people give him alms even after knowing that he has made it a profession and owns a luxury like a car. Why other members of his family earn something or do something to earn?
    And even after visiting the same temple every day how people give him money?
    isn't it a form of breaking the trust of people?
    Why are such things given encouragement in our society?
    Even though knowing the fact that he doesn't have legs it doesn't create any sympathetic feeling towards him as many people with physical disability are earning in our country on the basis of their abilities.
    I am astonished but more by the fact that people are ready to be fooled again and again at the same place by the same group of people.

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    Interesting thread, a great way of making money when we compare this to some newspapers reports of people who fight or kill for a few hundred rupees. This would be one of the best examples of an elite class of beggars, there would be other regular guys who earn less. At least he is not harming anyone. There's one story in Sherlock Homles wherein an honorable man finds that he can earn more by begging than doing his regular job. He leads a secret life but is found out by the Master.

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    It is a stereotype behaviour to talk about begging and beggars and even sounding envious.
    But how many of those who earn a salary by working with self pride and dignity on hard work will resign and go begging even if ten thousand rupees per day is assured?
    We can engage ourselves in verbal exercise,that is all.

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    Some beggars have really coined out their profession in such a way that, the Harvard University must call them to address the students on how to earn money without even having basic qualifications. But on close scrutiny of this case, the beggar seems to be the regular and permanent visitor to the temple and sits in front of it. Being Navagraha temple, people who were facing problems with planet movement and constellation pressure, they visit the Navagrahas and offer prayers to save them. In that process they also donate liberally to get rid of the problems. And this beggar being handicapped and lost his both legs stands to be the top beneficiary and I fear his disclosure of 3500 per day earning may be minimum and on Saturdays he may carry home over and above that and during Shani special poojas outsiders wont accept any donation or kind and this beggar is the best bet to be given with such liberals.
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    There is a famous Hanuman Temple at Connaught Place in Delhi. The temple has a vast courtyard which remains packed up with beggars. Several years ago, a police officer informed me that a new beggar has to offer a fee of more than Rs. 1 lakh to the leader of the beggars and another Rs. 1 lakh to the local police for permission to beg in front of the Hanuman temple.

    The above rate of 'pagri' (protection money) was more than ten years old. Definitely it has increased now.

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    I came to known through many Hindi films that there would be group for begging manned by a don in Mumbai and the beggars would be asked to do their duty for which boarding and lodging is provided with all benefits. And now that seems to be reality in Delhi too where the beggars are supposed to pay money to get their "Place" for begging which seems to be lucrative as they are suppose to give " Mamool" to police. In this regard I wish mention that a hotel in Hyderabad keeps ready packets of Idlies ready , so that they would give the same as Mamool to the local beat police we disturb them often.
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    Begging works on the human emotive angle, we don't think rationally as at that point of time, we see a vulnerable person with old dirty clothes or without an arm or a leg, or with a child that's crying from hunger. The comes the art that's perfected very well. Give a sad smile and the body posture that will move many hearts and out comes the money. For us it's a matter of few rupees and we forget. But the sum he can make is huge. Venkiteswaran sir has made a very important point. Pride and dignity, who many of us would be willing to swap our job with him. This brings a thought to my mind ' The beggar is better than a criminal or a thief who steals purses or snatches chains'.

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    What an informative post. What is the source? Please share.

    Mohammad Rafiq, might not be the only one, there are many like him, in every city and town. A couple of days back there was an article in the newspaper of a beggar woman, who donated Rs.2.5lakhs to a temple she begs outside.

    Begging is an offence in India, under the Begging Act, 1959.

    Begging has become a business. Beggars are master strategists; they prey on people's piety and guilt. They hoodwink gullible people into giving them alms. People think of giving alms to the poor as a good deed – they look at it as a way to find forgiveness for their sins and misdeeds. They think that they will be blessed manifold if they give to the poor and the needy and that they'll find moksha.

    Every religion teaches 'giving'. "Whatsoever you do, to the least of my brethren, that you do unto Me. When I was hungry, you gave Me to eat. When I was thirsty you gave me to drink, now enter into the home of My Father..." is what my religion teaches me.

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    It is very nice. Begging is a profession in India. Earning a lakh of rupees per month by begging is not a small issue. No tax for him. So it is added 30% to his income. If we earn 100000 around 30% of it will go as the tax. We are left with 70,000 only. But for him, 100000 earning is 100000 available to him. In India, there are many such people. There is a beggar in our native place. He purchased a house in that village with his income. There are some beggars who will have bank accounts and keep money there.
    In Hyderabad, there is a racket behind this profession. There is a group who will hire some small boys and girls from poor families on daily wages basis to their parents. They will be taken in auto and dropped at a place and the infant has to be there with his plate and begging the passengers. Whatever amount they collected will go to that group and the way pays their parents the wage and remaining will be their share. Definitely, we can donate to deserving people but not to all people who can work earn?

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    Source of the thread is given below. I am not responsible if anyone can't understand. It is his/her responsibility.

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