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    What do you do in such situation?

    Sometimes we hate something or someone for the mistakes they commit or the problems they create but what do you do when you realize that you did the exact same thing which you hated, what do you do after such realization that you created the exact same problem for which you blame others.
    for eg- when you are working in an office environment and you are irritated by someone's some bad habits but later you realize that you also have some bad habit which irritated someone Do you try to improve that bad habit?
    Do you try to rectify your mistake? or just move on with it.
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    Very simple. Just smile and foget it by saying no one is perfect on this good earth. We are human being prone to commit mistakes.
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    Sounds like a very practical thread, as Mr.SuN has said nobody is perfect, some create mistakes accidentally, some create it knowingly and some are masters in repeating the same mistakes. We might have done something similar along the same lines, its part of life and the way we grow up in the profession and in life. Once we know our mistakes we have to correct ourselves, if the other person is your colleague, take some time out when things are quiet and both are not stressed and explain it and admit you also did the same and what the view is on both sides of the issue. I'm sure they would realize their error and correct themselves. There would be many things in each individual' life, sometimes these trivial issues consume our happiness and some can't afford to divert time and energy towards such events, I would move on as life is too short to keep hating or keep correct everyone around us.

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    When we are moving in public and working amidst many, the behavioral pattern of many would be astonishing and even annoying us. But again we cannot express our dissent note with the fear of getting bad name for no issue and also branded as the enemy in that situation. Best thing is to take light of those who have extra ordinary behavior and just keep out their reach. And if some one who is close to you and spots some behavioral changes in you also, try to change yourself and ask the same person whether he or she noticed such change. Very less people have the attitude to say frankly about their demand to change our behavior.
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    Why should we hate others? We have no right to hate others. Like your likes and dislikes, everyone will have their likes and dislikes. Thinking that what we are doing is correct and what others are doing wrong is also a big mistake. If you look at the issue in the way the other person looks you may understand why he has reacted like that. If you are not liking someone for his actions, don't be friends with him and don't bother about him but don't hate him. If he is doing any harm to you personally or is trying to irritate you with his actions, it is better to tell him that what he is doing towards you is not correct and to stop doing that. He may respond positively. If he is still behaving like that, ignore him. Don't care him or care for him. When you are not liking somebody for his mistakes, how can you do the same mistake? It is not fair. You should stop doing that.
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    As you explained, we immediately would feel a sense of guilt. Now that strong sense will keep you from doing the same mistake again.
    We all have changed a lot. Not everything you know was taught by your mother and teacher. The everyday people teach you millions of things you are unaware of.
    This is one such teaching. Mistakes and bad habbits are common in everyone.
    As soon as you realize that, you won't blame anyone anymore.

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    It is being said when something happens to you, you realize how it happened and was handled by the other person. It is completely a matter of time. When time gives you the same problems, you get to realize the value of it and also the impact it could have created on the other people, whom you blamed for no reasons and just for facing those problems. That is why it is always said, never judge anyone or say anything bad to them, you never know what you are ought to face.
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