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    The opposite person may be arrogant and rude. But wish him when you see him personally.

    One of my friend who is a teacher in a private school was coming with me in my scooter and on the way we happen to meet his school principal all of a sudden, while I wished her good evening and exchanged pleasantries, but my friend refused to wish her. I was bit annoyed with his behavior. and questioned him. For that he said that she is rude in the school, never cares for the aspirations and suggestions of the teachers nor she discusses the problems of teachers and thus her arrogant behavior was not liked by any teacher and thus they stopped to wish her even in school. Such kind of attitude is very bad. What do you say ?
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    That all depends on the mentality of both the persons involved. When somebody is rude and not helpful to others in the profession, their subordinates or colleagues may not like them and even may not look at them when they happened to meet outside. There are some people who will never keep anything in mind about the past happenings and exchange pleasantries when they meet outside. If we start honouring the other person irrespective of his behaviour, he thinks we are doing it because of fear for him. In such case, we should not wish him. When we wish him if he reciprocates and behaves properly you can continue wishing him when you met him outside. But if he is not reciprocating, wishing him is not correct. All cases will depend on the mentality of the persons , the behaviour of the persons and how they receive your good gesture.
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    We need not worry how the other person reacts when you wish him/ her. We are projecting our individuality and attitude. Our personality becomes clear to others when a wish is extended. If it is not returned that shows the other man's personality and his attitude.
    Hence any decent person must respond to a smile or a wish in an equal manner. Otherwise he is declaring himself as unsocial. Let us all try to be a social being with duly recognizing others.

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    People come with their egos in various sizes and shapes, some are down to earth, helpful to others and bring a smile to our faces. Some are the opposite, whom we would wish to avoid, I think your friend met someone who literally dampens the spirit of people around them. I don't blame him, may be he's hurt by this individual. What I do in such situations is, never to stoop down to the same level as them, then there would no difference between both. I would just have a exchanged a few pleasantries and move on. Now, let's think practically, your friend has certainly annoyed the principal by his indifference, the principal would certainly remember this and respond when he needs to approach her for a work or personal related favour or advise. I think we should grow up and move along having our own approach to others.

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