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    Do you know the benefits of a tail.

    People are having no tails. They are fine without that. But all animals will have tails. Do you know what are the benefits of these tails for the animals? The tails of different animals have different functions.
    The squirrels use their tails as a parachute and as a rudder.
    A fox covers up her steps with the tail so that the dogs can't find it.The tail helps a fox in changing its direction very quickly.
    A lion will use its tail as a rudder.
    Kangaroos use their tails as a leg to lean on.
    The monkey uses its tail as an additional arm. We all see monkeys hanging from the trees using the tails to hold and as support.
    Birds need their tails for balance while flying and landing.
    Learned members of ISC can add on to the list.
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    While I appreciate the author for compiling the list of various animals tails and their uses to them, but I want to know what way the dogs tail which are some times lengthy and goats tail which are very short would be helpful to respective animals. I would like to have answer from the author or other learned members of this site.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I have seen animals like cow and buffalo drive away flies that sit on them. A dog wags it tail to convey something, or when sees it's master. Other jungle animals like monkeys use it to cling to the branches of trees. Birds feathers are their tails and I think it helps it to fly.

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    Some interesting information about tails.

    We humans lack the tail. That absence of it is really felt by humans and hence that is compensated by frequent use of the word tail.

    Children who are naughty are called 'Vaalu' in Tamil. Such children are warned by their mothers not to show their 'tail'( the equivalent in relevant local language) in front of others. We end our stories with a 'tail-piece'. We get our clothes stitched by a tailor. The last few batsmen in the batting order in a cricket match are called 'tailenders' .When we her something many times it happens that we do not get 'head and tail' of it. Making a mixed drink is 'cock-tail'. Telling more about something is in 'detail'.

    Humans are called 'Nara' and Monkeys are called 'Vaanara'. That is, Monkeys are 'Vaal'- nara or nara without tail. But in real life human, even though not having a tail, show more antics and gimmicks and hang on far better than the monkeys.

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    Good observation everybody. Tails are used for communication and attraction too.
    Peacocks showcase their tail to attract a mate.
    Lizards whip their tail to communication with other lizards.
    Snakes' whole body is a tail of sorts.
    Tails show identification in fishes.

    Some use tail as a self defense mechanism. They distract the enemy by tail.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Interesting to think about the tail. Humans lost their tail as part of evolution. We have the tail remanent that called the tailbone or coccyx, this can be the site of pain sometimes.There are reports of humans born with 'tails'. The kangaroo uses its powerful tail as a rudder and as a third leg to jump and gather speed. Dogs use tails to act rudders while they swim in water. The tail is also used to indicate a range of emotions: anger, submission, arousal, marking territory. The scorpion used the tail to deliver the poison after it catches its prey.The proud peacock uses its beautiful tail to attract females during courtship. There are some lizards which would shed or break its tail when attacked, the predator catches the wriggling tail, while the lizards runs for its life. Some birds have extraordinarily beautiful tails in South American countries and its a treat to watch these birds displaying their tails.

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    In one of the Discovery Channel show I saw a snake with long slim tail has the capacity to fly from one branch of the tree to other with ease and that was astonishing and unbelievable.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mohan sir, the flying snake is known to take off from treetop, it flattens the body and then glides more than flying in the air before landing on the other side. Thresher sharks have a tail that's almost half their body length. These sharks don't have very strong teeth, hence use their long tails to stun and kill prey. It's fascinating to see the videos of thresher sharks hunting sardines.

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