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    "IRCTC and Adhaar card of the registered user."

    The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation is sending messages to the registered users to link their Adhaar card to their account. The messages say that those who link their Adhaar card with their account will be permitted to book 12 tickets in a month. Those who do not link their Adhaar card to their account will be allowed to book 6 tickets only. I do not understand why the IRCTC wants to link our Adhaar card. Any traveller who booked a ticket on concessional rates is liable to show their Adhaar card to the ticket examiner. why this effort of IRCTC to have our Adhaar number? Why the disparity? Why are the Government agencies obsessed with Adhaar number?
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    These days Aadhaar card has become a common point for all. wherever you go they want your aadhaar card and the aadhaar number. For getting a bank account opened we want aadhaar. for getting a flight ticket booked we want aadhaar card. To book a railway ticket aadhaar card. For mobile sim card aadhaar card. For any work linked with the government, they force us for aadhaar card. I think now for students also they will insist on Aadgaar card. Anyhow for PAN card also we have to link our aadhaar card. As such, I feel the government should cancel all other cards and Aadhaar should be made for all related activities. No requirement of separate PAN card or PF number. Everywhere we should be able to manage with Aadhaar, if that comes we all will be happy. With only one card we can manage all our activities. Otherwise too much importance is being given to aadhaar these days. I fail to understand what is the benefits a common man is getting out of it?
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    While I do understand the government want to track those who travel a lot and spend money on tickets, I just cannot understand as to what Aadhaar link can bring them much information. Moreover this new move is only going to benefit the brokers who may book bulk tickets and block the tickets during summer and emergency times. This government instead of helping the traveling public , it has created a base for more earnings to the train ticket brokers. Moreover our Aadhaar number once mentioned with a government department should have its access to other department too without we giving further details.
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    The purported aim of Railways for linking the Aadhaar card is to prevent bulk booking by unscrupulous under fake identities. By linking Aadhaar, the railways is able to verify the genuinety of the person booking. That will also enable tracing later, if needed,any suspicious activity.

    However, just as when Aadhaar was launched, there would be incentive. Later on, the incentives will vanish and we may have to be victims of commercial interests only.
    I am really scared of the prospects of frauds and mistakes happening leading to dangerous situations, because now everything hangs on just one 12 digit number. We all know about the overfilled gutters flowing back into home drains during flooded time. Similarly things can easily backfire when everything is connected to just one main thing. Already almost anyone will have incidents to narrate about how his credit card or bank account was utilised by online mischief and frauds. Now we are more vulnerable as by breaching the Aadhar security, a criminal can get into every detail of us and create havoc.
    All these securities are man mad and there will be men who will know how to breach the security also. Segregation was one safety procedure so that we could isolate and restrict damage. But with Aadhhar becoming the basis for anything, such segregation is non-existing and vulnerability is at its maximum.

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    I think we need not give the Aadhaar card number to each and every service that we use or subscribe to. I am concerned about the governments efforts to get aadhaar card numbers linked with bank accounts, mobile numbers, new sim cards,now I hear about IRCTC. I'm sure it will be soon be asked for all other public services that we use. I think once aadhaar becomes central to a person's identity, then it will be more vulnerable for theft and misuse. I think the Government should focus more on security and reassuring people that there data is sage. Linking everything makes things simple for daily use and for tax filing but I thinks it makes it easier for people who want to abuse it also. Is it a move to slowly ensure that Aadhaar card have a positive publicity, money well spent or get everything linked and then asking for funds to pay the security or cyber policing units.

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