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    Do you wake up on hearing any noise or sound in the middle of your hectic sleep ?

    Some people are very late to their sleep and they wont go to bed that easily as they have to do some task to get the sleep by force. Some may watch movie , some may read the magazine or novel, some may chat with friends and some get natural sleep at a particular time. However once we go to the sleep, the deep sleep will be immediate and we wont respond to phone calls, or even to the calling bell. I have seen some passengers have deep sleep inside train birth unmindful of so much noise of track and talking by co-passengers, they wont respond or care.. Would you wake up on hearing any sound or noise during your mid of sleep ?
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    I really wonder and wish to be like the people who enjoys sound sleep amidst the noise all around. I am a person who find very difficult to get sleep. Even if I am very tired, it takes nearly an hour to get into sleep. And even if I sleep, I awake when a small noise is heard or when the power goes off while others are enjoying the sleep.

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    I get the sleep very easily. But I woke up very easily. A little sound nearby will disturb me and I will get up. But again within minutes, I will sleep again. I used to snore earlier. But now it has come down. So my wife is happy as she is able to sleep well. I can get up anytime and I can sleep anytime. I don't need any aid to sleep. Even while travelling in the car, I slowly get into sleep. My main problem is the fan. Without a fan or AC, I can't get to sleep. That is the only problem I have. Otherwise, I don't have any problem with sleeping.
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    Hectic sleep is difficult to define. Blessed are those who can sleep at any place and unfamiliar surroundings. Some need their favourite pillows, bed and no noise to go to sleep. Many of us, at the end of a hard day's work feel tired as age advances and quickly sleep off due to fatigue,exhaustion and a good dinner. Some can sleep peacefully with the regular sounds that they are used to. I always wonder how people in apartments very close to railway tracts and busy roads sleep, they get adapted to the noises. Most times, I wake up when there is anything unusual, a sudden sound of a door closing or opening, people moving up and down the corridor at odd hours or when there is water dripping for the tap into a bucket, its quite loud in the otherwise quite night. At times when children get up in the night to use the wash room they switch on one or two lights and make a little more noise than adults, I often wake up at such times. But what worries me is, seeing elders who cannot sleep for long hours and usually would be up by 4 or 5 AM or just tossing in the bed until it's dawn.

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    Its hard for me to wake up, I do not wake up very easily. How much someone tries, I try to continue my sleep, as I am a very lazy person. Sometimes I can wake up also, but most of the times it does not happen. When I am sleeping, I am in deep sleep.
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    I go to bed late, but normally I don't face any issues to fall asleep. Yes, I get into deep sleep and most of the times I do not hear the phone ringing or the calling bell. When I am disturbed it is hard for me to sleep and I wake up in the middle of my sleep even when hearing small sounds. So it all depends.
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    @Pooja, I don't think your lazy, you are just lucky to sleep peacefully. Yes, I would also love to sleep deeply without able to be disturbed,

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    My sleep is very light. I wake up by any unusual sound at night.
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