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    When some incidents happens in your life, have you ever felt you have seen that before

    Have you experienced this strange feeling, that you feel that you have seen exactly the same scene happened in your life in dreams or somewhere. I have gone through such feelings at times and even today. And today I took my thought to search in google to find are there are any scientific reasons behind it and if everyone experiences this.

    Strange that Google had only two results with a minimal information that it is called 'Deja Vu' in French which means 'already seen'. Couldn't find the reasons for the cause of this feeling. Is this strange feeling is just a thought or spooky or some psychological disorder.
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    Every third person that I have met have said this at some point in their life, that they have seen this exact incident before. Why does this happen, still remains a mystery. Many are studying about it, some says it is a momentary peek to the future, I doubt about this theory but let's see what the others have to say about it.

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    Deja Vu. A very fascinating phenomenon. To explain and reason with it correctly, present science must increase it's borders.
    Your subconscious sees the future. Immediate future. You can call it premonition rather than prediction because you're not hundred percent sure if your thinking is right.
    I'll ask you a simple question. How do you know where a ball will land in a game? You cannot deny you saw the future.
    How were you able to see it? Through thourough analysis of present, you saw the future.
    Well, that's the scientific way to put it.

    I would otherwise say that whole life is filled with cliches. Cliche are regularly repeated scenes. Cliches in life are those routine scenes you see everyday. You are bound to witness them again and again. Deja Vu.
    For an instance, when your favorite character dies. You feel like you've experienced the same pain somewhere.

    A lot of study is going on about Deja Vu. We will meet a clear definition and reason in near future.

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    This issue has come to my thought slightly in a different form. It is like this. When I visited a house/ place for the first time, I felt very much that I had been there earlier. I was hundred percent sure that this visit was my first visit there. But the things and surroundings were very much familiar to me.
    This type of incidents have repeated in my life twice or more. I even asked my parents whether we had visited that place earlier for which they answered negatively.


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    Sometimes it happens that when you have seen somebody you will get a feeling that you have seen and meet him. Our elders used to say that minimum 7 people will be there with similarities. I don't know whether this is a true or not. But there are people whom I know with a lot of similarities. So on different occasions, we may meet people with similarities and hence we feel that we have met him earlier also. This is what happens many times. I also experienced this phenomenon many times. This makes us confuse many times especially when we go for special occasions and meetings.
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    I have heard this and it's scary to be aware of such things and sometimes with great details that would start doubting yourself and your memory. Many beleive that people who are hyperactive, think,read or write a lot at night times before going to bed or when they have a disturbed sleep, the often dream about events related to what their minds were working on when they were awake. Sometimes people dream of things that they are scared off or objects that they have an intense desire to. Aditya has a point, human brain is capable of thinking ahead and I think further research or reading into this would be exciting and scary. There are many movies where in the person dreams of exact events that are due to happen later on.Precognition is the ability to see things in dreams and while being awake even before the event happen. Premonition is the strong feeling that we cannot shake off, and this is often related to an unpleasant event.

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    It happens to me. I come across any moment in my life and I suddenly happen to realize "Goodness, it seems like it has happened to me earlier." There is a type of immediate scene that will create in your mind. It will immediately stick in your head and will fade away slowly. I have had this experience multiple times and this keeps happening to me. I cannot understand why.
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    We have been going through the daily routines of life and some times forget the happenings just before our eyes and wont give credence. And when the same thing happen again we would recollect the past and share the same with others. There are people who has the capability of predicting the next thing going to happen in just front of our eyes and that would happen. Good things how ever wont happen but certainly bad things happen. We call them that they have a black spot on their tongue and thus better to keep away from such persons. But those persons can really predict what has happened the same would happen now.
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    This thread itself is a Deja Vu, this same topic having been discussed earlier, quite recently!
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    I missed the earlier thread on the same subject, but read the current one. I find it quite interesting. In the world, there are many such recorded incidents.
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    Déjà vu:
    When you are experiencing Deja Vus, your mind is trying to recall something from the past and failing. It mixes up the 'feeling 'from the past situation you were trying to recall to your present situation now that is why you are feeling like it has already happened but truth is it didn't.
    Déjà vu can be completely normal, in small doses, and spread out through your life. But, if you are experiencing it frequently and to a powerful level, you need to consult a doctor. It can be a sign of various medical conditions

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