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    Changing Mall culture

    In the recent past there is a great change in the shopping experience of people. The Mall culture has made it easy for a person to shop everything under one roof. You can find all the brands of things one wants to buy.on weekends the malls are flooded with people, especially the young generation. It is a good place to spend time.
    But is this culture going to replace the shops on streets.Do people go to a cloth market or a to small food streets. Will this totally transform shopping experience?
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    Until a little while ago, all clothes were hand weaven. Now machinery has taken over. Weavers are foresaken by the society. In order to get new jobs, we need to overthrow the older ones.
    Malls are a measure of country's revenue. We can get a whole lot in mall. On contradiction with popular opinion, malls aren't expensive. To give quality goods at a reasonable price, is the motto of shops in malls.
    So with a cold and ruthless heart I speak, in order to survive, quit being weak.

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    Though Mall Culture is picking up in Metros , I fear ordinary customers have the impression that such stores are for high profile citizens and not for them. Because we could see people coming in car, making purchases in bulk and bringing the material in trolley implies that the Mall is for whole sale buyers. Though one presumes that the Mall has all the products but their ego on their status would stop them to go inside and make purchases. . Even I have the feeling that the pricing would different from those available in the shop to which were are habituated customer.
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    This Mall attraction is increasing and new malls are appearing even in small cities. People, especially those belonging to middle class and above, are going to these malls. The reason, of course, is that everything is available under the same roof. Now, perhaps, people go to other shops only for jewellery and clothings. This is because there are highly recognized and publicised shops dealing with these two items.
    But there is another face for this mall business. Most of the small scale shop keepers are forced to close down their business because of business loss. This is what is seen around such centres. Even the cinema theatres are facing this problem of closing, since multiplex theatres are there in malls.

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    Malls have changed the shopping playground for the sellers and the buyers. The retailers have to look trendy, offer discount and have loyality programs to retain customers. A lot goes into planning of a Mall. Attention is paid to needs all age ranges: groceries and toilerteries, food courts,branded showrooms,upscale coffee shops, gift shops, kids play area and then ofcourse cine halls. There is little chance of going way from the malls.
    For the public, its a great place to hang around, for families to get a chance at shopping, kids getting entertainment and then finish their daily or weekly shopping.It's also a faviourite place for teenagers to meet and spend time.
    The down side is how of time and money we spend can be much more than anticipated and children get attracted to the mall enviornment and the unhealthy fast food joints.

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    Mall culture is on increasing spree. Slowly this culture is spreading its wings from metros to big cities and from there to cities. Now even in big towns, some malls are appearing. People are getting attracted to this culture. One advantage with malls is you will get all items in one place and you will have the choice for selection. The concept that malls are costly is wrong. Even in malls also the rates are almost same as that of in other shops. There are some malls like dmart the rates are very reasonable and even less in some cases. We can go with our family and we can spend time by seeing the items. Meanwhile, our family members will choose the items required and we can pay the bill and come out. Because of these malls, some small shops are getting closed. But as a customer, I am happy with the malls.
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    Things will go on changing. Even this Mall culture may undergo change when some other thing, more novel and more convenient emerges. The online shopping started as a trickle. Now a good percentage of trading happens online. The other day my son was mentioning about an online'organic' vegetable shopping portal. I later verified about that.
    Who knows we (or our next generation) may be able to do their week end shopping in a super Mall floating in outer space . Changes happen continuously.

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    Malls will not replace small shops completely. The concept of malls is a wonderful idea as we get everything under one roof. The tedious task of going to different places to buy different things no more exist.

    But small shops, especially the street ones still have a value. Even though they have limited products, sometimes these shops nearby will be more convenient than far away malls. A shop near a mall cannot flourish in the long run. But small shops near residential areas or in places far away from malls do have good business.

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    Street shop owners see us in the day and all through the year and they are obliged to give us the provisions or things on credit. That facility is not available in malls. Moreover he would give door delivery also.
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    Although malls are increasing and good, not all of us will be able to go to malls, not all of us will be able to do online shopping, the small shops will have its own value and clients, the business volume may become less, then the small shops will have to change with times offering a range of new services.

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    Frankly speaking, I detest the mall culture. In the malls, we have to pay more, there is very less chance of getting rebate. When we require a single soap, we have to purchase 4 soaps in a scheme ''pay for 3 to get 4''. There is no personal interaction with the shop-keeper. In addition to all these inconveniences, the most detesting feature is to get the products checked at the time of leaving the mall because of shop-lifting of some people.
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    Whether the mall serve the real purpose or not, in most of the city they are becoming good place to enjoy with children and family as a picnic spot.

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