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    How can we utilize their knowledge and expertise?

    Some of them work in their relatives' shops. Some of them sell shoes. Some of them work in phamacists' shops. And some of them (fortunate ones) work in hospitals, but informally.

    All of them possess MBBS degree. Some of them have Masters degree in various specializations. But their degrees are not recognized in India. As a result, they can't practise as doctors. They can't work in hospitals as doctors.

    We are talking about more than 200 doctors who fled Pakistan to escape brutal religious persecution. Almost all of them are originally from Sindh. Now all of them are settled in different parts of Gujarat. Government of India has granted them long-term visa. Very few have managed to obtain citizenship. But their degrees are not recognized in India. So, they don't get registration from MCI and can't work as doctors.

    All of them used to earn in lakhs in Pakistan. But they left everything for religious freedom. They left their lucrative jobs or private practice to protect the honour of their families and culture. Now they are surviving with meagre income. We must try to find ways to gainfully utilize their knowledge and expertise.

    That would help these unfortunate doctors as well as the country. Government of India and Government of Gujarat must try to gainfully utilize their knowledge and experience.
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    I am reading this information for the first time. Is it a recent report or something connected with 1947-48 period?

    The people who fled from the Sindh part of Pakistan during those times were accommodated in specially constructed 'Sindhi colonies' in different parts. They due to their sheer their survival instinct are now doing well in different spheres, mostly in business. I am sure that the 'doctors' referred in the thread also would have been taken care by the Indian government or by the other Sindhi migrants and utilised their services in some way. I wonder how they were missed.

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    Mr. Venkiteswaran: These unfortunate doctors have fled Pakistan in nineties and 2000s. They obtained their medical degrees from various medical colleges of Pakistan. Pakistani medical degrees are not recognized in India. (Even Chinese medical degrees are not recognized in our country.)
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    It is sad that these doctors have fled and are unable to practice.The medical council of India is quite strict about it. If they have good character and are of good standing in the eyes of the law, then they can practice.There was a foreign medical graduate licensing exam, that many students have to take if they have a foreign medical degree. I'm not sure whether this applies to them or not. They can certainly knock the doors of ministry of external affairs to assist them. often for health related legal issues or visa issues, the ministry facilitates on case basis based on humanitarian grounds. They could certainly try it.

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    Medical degrees from certain countries are not considered valid in India. But it might be valid in some other countries. Let these people move to such countries and work their to get a better pay. That is the only practical solution I can think of.
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    In India we have the great tradition of protecting those who seek asylum when they fully surrender to our way of living and culture. Over the years India gave such asylum to many people. For our country, those 200 doctors are not a burden to give them a chance to live and progress. But what about Pakistan. It is already having hostile attitude against India and it may not want their doctors to be kept here and serve. If they ask through proper channel the doctors have to be returned to that country. So International peace organization should also authenticate their plight and support India's gesture.
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    #616885: Please consider how many countries of the world recognize medical degrees from Pakistan. Also consider whether it is possible to shift to other countries for these hapless people who have reached India leaving everything behind.
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    Some doctors migrated from Pakistan after the communal tensions developed in the Sindh region of Pakistan due to the Babri Masjid demolition in India. These doctors who were having well-paid jobs had to leave for India for the safety of their families. As they are not allowed to practice in India, they started small businesses.These doctors were made to run between Medical Council of India and Maharashtra Medical Council to get their registration. Seven of the doctors got their registration in 2013. The Medical Council of India gave its approval for the registrations. I think there is no problem for them to get their registration except that some are old.
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    If it is allowed true that they are allowed to register their names and start practicing . If some are already rigestered the others should also go for registering their names and start serving the patients. Then they don't have any problem for their living. That way we should appreciate the medical council for the good gesture they have shown towards this people and given a chance to them to lead their life nicely. Probably this fact may not be known to the author. This will make him to feel satisfied. I don't think Pakistan will have any right to ask the doctors to back to their country and it will not happe. Even they call also the people will have every right to say NO, as long as India is not asking them to vacate.
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    Dr. Rao: India doesn't allow medical degrees issued by China, Pakistan and some other countries (most probably Latvia, Belarus, etc.). The doctors of these countries have to appear in a special examination in India for registration. If any Pakistani doctor has got registration, he/she must have qualified that examination. But most of the 200 Pakistani doctors are middle-aged or old, so, I think, they are not confident to appear in the said examination. This is my feeling. Nevertheless, we can find out some other ways to utilize their expertise.

    There is no question of their return to hell, sorry, to Pakistan. That country is not interested in their return and the doctors themselves are not interested. So, that is not an issue anymore.

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    The problem is the variable level of medical knowledge of foreign medical doctors to entrust patient care in safe hands is a very responsible decision. How to assess and standardise? This is made by the MCI. There was a news report last year that as high as 70- 80% of graduate with degrees from China,Ukraine failed the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) of MCI.
    As of now, if any doctor in India fails to provide the service that is expected related to patient care, the grievance is looked into. The first thing that is verified are the doctors qualifications, basic and specialist and then validity of state license to practice. If this is not correct, then the onus falls on the doctor and the institution. If everything is valid and true, then the local bodies decide on the facts. So validation becomes important for everyone.

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