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    Is there anyone without stress?

    I think almost everyone has experienced stress. The causes of stress might be different and the way we show it out will also differs. We will be moody and might feel frustrated, tired or angry. My question is how do you manage your stress?

    Some get engaged in things they like so that it helps them to get rid of the stress. Some people follow certain breathing or relaxation techniques to feel relieved. What is the method you follow to manage the stress. We cannot avoid stress as it is not caused by us. The only thing we can do is manage it wisely.
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    Whether mister or mistress, every one goes through the stress. Stress is the ultimate warning to the people that they must take a break for a while and then resume the work. In the office suppose the work is more and tedious, please have a break, go to the canteen and have one sip of tea or coffee. Surely when you come back, you are relieved and even hit upon the new ideas to tackle the work load and how to manage it. For the males taking a puff in between their stress is their habit. But I wont recommend any one to have smoking as it is injurious to health. Instead have some informal talk with your fellow employee and then resume. The stress is gone.
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    I think stress comes to everyone these days. Be it working people, children, parents,artist,business people, stress may be there in one's life at some point of life or other. Few things we should tell ourselves.. Today I will not be angry, or frustrated what come may. Reacting to certain situations makes us feel frustrated or stressed out.
    To overcome this ,few ways are meditation, deep breathing, walking. I read that a woman's stress buster is shopping.
    Reading good books also is a good way to get rid of stress.

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    These days all are running. No walking. Fast life. Trying for very difficult options and feeling unhappy if we are able to not get it. In this process to complete our works everybody will get stressed. The mother who gets up early morning will be under stress to get things ready for children and husband. She will be under stress till she complete her work. Father has to catch bus and go to office. If he is late office will deduct half day leave. Children has to get ready, complete the works and go to the school. If they are late, school main gate will be closed and will not be allowed. This is how everybody will be under stress. This has become the order of the day. Generally to avoid stress we have to stop thinking about how finish the work in time. Instead of that try to concentrate on the work without looking at the watch. Plan your work in advance and go on doing as planned. Don't see the watch and don't worry about time. This is generally what I do. We may be a little to come back home but you will not be under stress.
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    I read one story,probably a moral one. A King was there who was with problems in mind thereby felt unhappy,though he possess huge wealth by conquering other states also. He approached his Raja Guru for solution. He advised the King to wear the shirt of any one who lives a peaceful, happy life in the universe. In searching peace and happy he ordered his force to search for any one of such person in all directions. Though the days have passed no such person found by them. The king further worried and his available peace itself gone. By frustrated he went for hunting. In the outskirt of his reign, he saw man sitting in a simple wooden cot outside his hut with his wife by enjoying a bowl of some porridge. Raja asked the man whether he was happy, that man replied he was happy only. Raja asked whether he have any problem or worry. Man replied 'No point to worry and no problem to solve. Raja asked his shirt and the man told he possess only one additional dhothi and towel only for him. Raja further surprised and asked how could be it is possible to him without possessing anything but not possible though he (king)possess everthing. The man replied, 'Oh king! I have four debts and cleared them every month from y earnings and never think the next day as it is in my hand, never think the past as it won't come again'. The king simply satisfied that he too have debts to clear and asked what are the debts. He simply replied as, ' first to my parents, I pays 25?,next my duty, my wife, I pays 25?,third my savings ie to my son's education-which is my future and fourth my pleasure my daughter's marriage and more than these four what should I get or why should I search, I am so happy'. By hearing him, King realized his own wealth and eager to earn more only the reason for his unhappiness.

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    I do think that most of us undergo stress in our daily life due to different reasons and may be, it is almost part of our life. Take stress as a signal. It is a physical reaction which tells you that your body need rest. Take the warning seriously and relax for sometime. With the fast pace of life clubbed with easy ways to do things, one tends to do more than what one can and that in turn creates stress.

    Without any intention of offending anyone, I will take the example of a laborer or a farmer. Have you noticed that they take breaks in between? It is not because they don't have set targets or because they are tired. It is because they react to the signal from their body. They take rest, relax for a while and then get back to work with renewed energy. Those who work from cubicles may not have much choice but they can, I suppose, at least stretch their body and close their eyes for a while in between so that stress does not affect their output and they remain physically active and mentally fresh. I make it a point to take a break, short or long, depending on my condition, to avoid feeling stressed out.

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    We all use the words stress often without knowing the true meaning of it. I've heard mothers quoting my 6 year old child is stressed. How can we know that this small child is stressed when in truth we bombard the child with school, homework, time with nanny, very little play time not much time spent meaning fully with the child. Similarly as adults we at times just go through the motions of life and feel stressed out. Stress is purely a set of response that we generate to respond to a challenge. We have to be more alert about our limitations, when to push forward, when to take a step back.At work, within relationships, in the family, there would be many issues, some not worth thinking about, some worth spending our energy on. Once you sincerely prioritize, then there would many issues that are not worth stressing about.

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    I'll speak like an engineer. Engineers always break a problem to it's molecular level to find the solution. Let's do the same.
    What happens when you're stressed out inside your body? Adrenaline gets pumped all over your blood.
    This creates a hormonal imbalance and it's side effects. All you need to do is counterreact the imbalance by balancing adrenaline with a "relax" hormone.
    Cortisol can relax your body, but it has adverse side effects on your body such as cutting down your memory power.
    Endorphins and dopamines are "happy" hormones.
    These hormones, equally as effective as cortisol, have a little side effects on body.

    Let's see how to produce dopamines to kill stress:
    1. Listen to good music.
    2. Exercise daily.
    3. Discover new things.
    4. Don't skip routine.
    5. Sleep at regular times and sleep soundly.
    6. Meditate
    7. Take artificial dopamine supplements
    8. Give yourself a good massage.

    Don't I sound stupid? All those above given solutions are generic right? But now you know what makes you happy and what relieves you.
    See, discovering new things, as one of my points suggest.
    Feel the dopamine.

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    Every human being faces stress till his/her death. Even very small children experience stress. Other animals also get stressed, but in their case, the stress is very limited to immediate physical danger. They can't think. As human beings can think, the stress is much more.

    There is no respite from stress. Only death will give respite from stress. But we must try to ensure not to surrender before stress.

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