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    Before helping someone do you think whether anyone else is affected?

    Helping others is a very good deed. But do we look at the other side of it before helping someone? Today at the park I saw two people feeding the cat family with their leftovers. It is indeed a good gesture. But on the other hand, it was a clean park, the cats left the bones here and there after eating the flesh. Now, it is adding extra work to the cleaning boy. It is his duty to maintain the park neatly especially with zero garbage.

    Tomorrow when he comes to collect the garbage bags, he will have to pick these bones also from the parking lot. Somehow I felt sad for him. The people who where feeding the cat was not interested in cleaning the place.

    What do you feel, our deeds might be with good intention but shouldn't we make sure no one else is suffering due to it?
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    There is a saying that with every action there would be equal reaction. We people are habituated to see the things as the horse views from its eyes. But never foresee the impending reaction from the sides. What you have mentioned is very much right. There is no harm to reach out to the animals and those who are needy. But at the same time our action should not disturb others or given them the botheration for future. But wise people would learn their mistake as they come to know the next morning the fuss crested by the cats which have been fed by them. This thread is the eye opener to all.
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    Sadly; there is no way you can help someone without affecting other.
    "You cannot hope to save both butterflies and spiders".
    Take a side and believe in yourself.

    As for that park cleaner, didn't your boss ever give you an additional work, consider it the same. It is his job to clean. He has to, no matter how messy it gets. Even if that family didn't litter on the park grounds, someone else would have. The cat family itself would have left a stool sample.
    Thinking about aftermath of help, ruins the essence of help.

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    As long as the people are not having civic sense the public places will not be maintained clean. Next day the boy will come and he will clean it. Ok we will say it is his duty. But in between the happening and the cleaninghow many people might have visited the park, how much inconvenience they might have felt we don't know. If any foreign visitors visit what will be their idea about our country and its cleanliness. These points also should be thought. A responsible person should not spoil the public places. He might have kept the food on a paper or a container and once the feeding to cats is over-he can throw the paper into the dustbin or he might have cleaned the vessel and carry back. But instead he spoiled the area. This is that lack of civic sense. I have seen many people eating while travelling and throwing the remaining stuff on to the ground. This should change.
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    Doing good to someone sometimes has its own problems. The thread on pigeons I raised was after numerous issues faced by many residents and a few people who were scattering grains and puffed rice everyday were actually asked to stop. If sounds cruel not the feed the pigeons. But on a daily basis other issues cropped up. Many had to instal pigeon nets to all the baclonies to protect their stuff and keep the place clean. It's difficult to decide what to do? So now, people do feed but at one corner of the compound that's away from most of the buildings.
    If the issues created by a good deed affect many people, then we need to be careful and make arrangments. If it's one off issue, then shouldn't matter. We should not prevent people from helping animals in need or people in need unless the adverse effects of our gesture have an impact of many around us.

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    Chitra, if you really want to help someone, you should not think whether that would affect someone else. I am not going into the content of your thread because I feel that the title implies much more.

    You must be able to select and accord priority when you decide to help someone; you will have to see whether the affect on another would be graver than the help you are offering to a person. I would like to agree with Aditya that thinking about the aftermath would ruin the essence of help. You may help a person and at the same time ensure that such an action does not affect another person negatively. You will have to weigh the pros and cons and decide which is more important.

    Take an accident site for instance and imagine that two bikes have collided and you have injured persons before you. If you think that there will be a police case and that the person who has violated traffic rules may be punished, you may not be able to help a person to survive. In that case your priority should be to save a life and also to bring the wrong doer to books as law demands, at a later stage if required. I have cited a small example but the same benchmark applies in all cases where you intend to help someone.

    Provide help to the one who need it most, the other side can be looked into later. Coming to your thread, while I appreciate the gesture of those who fed the cats, and do admit that it is the duty of the boy to keep the premises clean, I must say that it is more of a matter of civic and common sense, as Dr Rao has pointed out, and does not have much to do with helping others.

    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    No. Because when we extend our help to some one automatically atleast one person object, so, by satisfying everybody we cannot help or serve others. Our help should be automatic and instant. Elders used to tell that the help extended by right hand should not known even to his own left hand. This type of life was lived by our earlier CM MGRamachandran. Once a friend of him, who was also a cini actor visited MGR's house and during his waiting saw many exercise apparatuses and intended to one 'karla' for him. On the arrival of MGR he asked his interest. Immediately MGR handed over one piece and asked him to keep in his car. This actor friend told MGR that he would take later while going. But MGR asked him to keep in his car immediately as the intention should not be changed as the mind is always changing. Similarly the help should be done without second thought.

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