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    Charity of Suneet Mittal

    Today I have read in the newspapers that the family of the Chairman of Bharathi Airtel, the telecom Giant, has decided to donate 7000 crores for charity works to the society. Bharathi Foundation will receive this money and the foundation will utilise this money for starting Styabharathi University which will provide education in Science and Technology. It will provide skills in new technologies to the youth belonging to poor families. This University will provide free education in artificial intelligence, internet of things, robotics and some other courses. The classes in the university will start from 2021. Bharathi Foundation is mainly concentrating on Education and cleanliness matters. Almost 250 schools are running under this foundation in Tamilnadu, West Bengal, Punjab, Rajasthan Haryana and UP. We should appreciate the efforts of this foundation.
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    Today I have seen the news in various newspapers. I am impressed. There are many other bigger businessmen in India than Mr. Suneet Mittal (in term of turnover), but his heart seems to be one of the largest.
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    Well business men are realizing that what they earn in this earth during their life time has to be spent here only and nothing can be taken along. Good that Bharathi Airtel Chairman Suneet Mittal has decided a whooping part of his income for charity purpose and that includes reaching out to poor in super specialty education field. When the business gets well settled in the market and the income is pouring in, instead of paying taxes, this kind of charity would not only get them name and fame and also have high regard in the society. Even if he joins in politics people would vote him for great charity.
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    It's great to hear when the rich come out to share their wealth for philanthropic activities. Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates along with Warren Buffet ( the top richest people in the world) put forth a project in 2010. 'The Giving Pledge'. Nandan and Rohini Nilekani ( infosys co founder) have pledge half their wealth for the cause to help the underprivileged. Earlier Azim Premji (Wipro),Kiran Mazumdar Shaw(Biocon) and PNC Menon (Shoba developers) have also joined this project. There would be many NGOs who survive mainly by such generous acts. This present university project sounds very good because just donating money does not ensure that it reaches the needy. Instead when there is a school, college or hospital built, setup with a trust money to fund for running it, then it stands to be benefitted.

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    What is the Bharti Airtel's contribution to bank NPA's?
    How much tax he is saving by this action?
    Philanthropy is noble if it is in right spirit.

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