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    Has anyone seen the currency of Indonesia?

    Indonesia is an island country in South-East Asia and has world's largest Muslim population. I saw an image of the currency note of Indonesia on internet. I don't know whether the image is fake or true but there is a picture of Ganesha on the currency at the left side of the note. The currency in Indonesia is the rupiah (Ruppe). Does it appear strange?
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    I know that the currency of Indonesia is Rupiah, but I haven't seen it so far.

    Update: Just now I have seen the image of Rupiahs of various denominations in the internet. You can verify the currencies. Indonesia, although a predominantly Muslim country, pays respect to its Hindu ancestors and the image of Lord Ganesha can be seen in the currency note.
    Incidentally, the airline of Indonesia carries the name of Garuda, the Bird-God mentioned in the Puranas.

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    Wow. It shows how strong our ancestral relationships were. Ganesh is still worshipped in many parts of Indonesia.
    Infact, due to his association with both Buddhism and Hinduism, he's more of a guardian deity now.
    Did you know that Indonesian places and royalty still now have Hindu names?

    But I'm glad you're fascinated about currencies and you could find Indonesian currency. Good job!

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    I have seen some notes of Indonesia. But I don't remember exactly. But Hindu cultural is predominately there I think. As told y Aditya, Ganesh is worshiped there in many parts of that country. Indonesia is a country where Hindu Godsare respected.

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    Yes the currency has been making rounds in social media which contains the image of Lord Ganesha. In fact Indonesia is having Indian genes in many aspects. Their official airline is called Garuda, which again denotes Indian name.
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    Indonesia has had currency notes of Hindu deities and the 1998 series of 20,000 rupiah has the image of Lord Ganesh. if it's the same, then it should be from that issue. Indonesia has temple of Lord Shiva, Buddha, Gnaesha and Lord Vishnu (5th century AD) .If one looks at the culture of Indonesia, it's mainly a mix of Chinese and Indian culture. It is popularly believed that that when sea trade was flourishing in the world, Many Indians from South India brought with him the Hindu culture into Indonesia.

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    Interesting information. I have never seen the currency of Indonesia. Nice to see the unity of different religions in a country when people are fighting in the name of religion in some other countries.
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    As an Indian, I am yet to see the new 200 rupee currency note. How can you expect me to have a look at Indonesian currency notes. From your post, it is evident that Indonesia has Indians, and they dominate. There are Tamils in Indonesia and Malaysia. Hence, Lord Ganesh is there in their currency notes.

    Once, when had to encounter a team of Indonesian personnel, I could see a person there bearing my good name Sundaram.
    @Mr. Author Himanshuchouhan,
    Would appreciate if you attach a copy of that Indonesian currency note for members view
    It will be an authentic information to us.

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    Mr.SuN, you or If anyone is interested in seeing or collecting currency notes just for fun or as a hobby, you can look out for Numismatics exhibitions, which occur in major cities 1-2 times a year, You can visit the stalls and spend at least a couple of hours browsing the notes and coins. I've seen very old Indian currency notes that are beautiful. You can seen currencies of some African countries that have billion dollar denominations printed! It's a good learning experience. The traders don't mind you looking at it, some are eager to tell you a little history also.

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    Thank you Natarajan for the valid information. I'll try my best to learn about bank notes henceforth.
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    Attaching a photo of the Indonesian currency bearing Vinayaka.
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    Yes,Mr.Himanshu u r Absolutely Right, Really There is a photo of Lord Ganesha on the Indonesian note of 20000,And The reason is Bcoz It is believed that the Indonesian archipelago was under Hindu influence as far back as the first century and the culture has carried forward to contemporary times with native believers of Hindu deities and practices.
    Not Only on currency,There are also Many more Other things Where U can find Many Proofs which is connected with Hinduism Or sanatan Dharma......

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