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    If you are in Bank or Post Office, do you oblige others to help in filling forms to draw money ?

    Today myself and my son had been to our bank to make a Bankers Cheque to be be submitted in my daughters college. While I was attending my work at the bank, my son has obliged many old aged women and old aged men who came there to withdraw their pension money. He wrote the requisition slips and arranged to sign or do thump impression on the forms so that they would draw the money. I felt happy that small things like this kind of gestures would certainly be felt a big for those senior citizens who are illiterate and no body helps them normally.
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    Sure. We cannot expect everybody knows everything. If we extend our hand to the needy persons, we will not get reduced to any bit level. I helped any people in the ATM to draw money or to fetch mini statements. I helped many in post offices,banks to write challans also. If we refuse or go unnoticed, the same thing would happen to us in one situation.

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    It's good that you son is been helpful. We have to be very careful at banks especially about such diversions that happen, some of them would be to fool the person to divert his focus and steal money while he or she is depositing. It has happened many times.

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    Without any sense of bragging, I have done this on innumerable occasions. For the last three years or so, my visit to the banks has become almost nil (sometime once in a year). But earlier I used to visit bank and post office regularly and I helped many people to fill up forms (mainly old pensioners, family pensioners or less-educated people). Although sometime it caused wastage of time, delay and listening to some 'sweet' words from my sweet wife subsequently who never believed that I got delayed to help others, I always felt a sense of satisfaction.

    However, when my wife used to accompany me to the bank, she herself used to ask me to fill-up the forms of other people.

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    Generally, if anybody requests us to fill up the forms or lend our pen to writing we will do it when we go to bank or post office. I have done it many times. But I do is I give the pen keeping the cap with me so that the person who has taken the pen will not forget to return the pen. When we go to a bank there will be some waiting time. During that time we will be sitting there waiting for our turn. That time we can help somebody we can't write and we don't have a pen with them. But these days going to bank or post office has become very less. All online transactions. ATMs are there for withdrawals. So we go very less number of times to bank.
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    I think we all do it. There is nothing special about it. I myself do help people to fill up the forms or challans if asked for by someone. I might apologize if I am busy but otherwise I don't mind staying back a few minutes to help out. I think it is when we start considering such small gestures as something special that they lose their touch of feeling for our fellow beings. We must try to help out people as and when we can without being loud about the same. It is indeed an act that would make us happy because of the grateful smile appearing on the faces of the senior citizens or the illiterate.
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    Good that your son helped them. But I do not agree with your point "nobody helps them normally". I have helped many and I see many people around helping the old ones or the illiterate ones. Who would want to say no to them after seeing their innocent face? There are exceptions and they might not be doing it purposely, may be due to time constraint or any such reasons. In the normal case, most people are ready to help. That is what I have felt.
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    At the bank or post-office, there are lot of people who help filling the details, I have done this a few times, some time people ask to lend a pen, sometimes fill the cheque number ( many elders don't know this). In the early days when passbooks were hand written and initialled, there would be a big queue, many would often ask can you get this also entered for me. We would do it and yes, they always have a smile and a couple of kind words.

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    When I was a student I had to help several people filling the Money Order forms at Post office. Occasionally writing letters had also to be done. During those days Users for Bank cheques were very limited during those days. Even I was getting money from home through money order. I don't remember my father having a bank account, though he was educated and working. Reason was non availability of banks in the neighbourhood. I am talking about the days 55 to 60 years ago.
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    Most of the people visit bank or post office for their purpose and may not have time to attend to others and hence I felt of sharing here.
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    I really feel proud of helping the illiterates in the bank or post office or reservation counter and elsewhere. I have done it many times in my life. I always carry a pen in my pocket. When I was studying in 8th standard, I remember, while I was returning home from school, one old lady called me, took me to her home and requested me to write a letter for her in a post-card. She dictated and I wrote. She was pleased with my handwriting and offered me a cup of milk for the deed.
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